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I heard Mrs. Gabaldon say that she was most curious about what it took to maintain a grand, passionate love throughout one’s life (i’m paraphrasing of course); her parents experienced this so, how did it work?

And I think we all need to consider, as a culture, how we teach our children to regard sex vs. love in realistic terms. What does that translate into on a daily basis? Everyone says the words at their wedding service, but what do they really mean?

As for BJR, I always got the impression he did love/obsess over the boy who owned the Bible Jaime had. What was his name? Alexander? In reading that scene, it felt like a psychotic episode where BJR knew it was Jaime who he wanted to break and dominate and subjugate, but had moments of flashback or whatever and thought he was with the boy. Which ps, Tobias is CREEPY. Creepcreepcreepy.