Terry Dresbach

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I think the sexuality has been portrayed beautifully. Claire is a strong female that knows what she wants and isn’t embarrassed to ask for it. Not so much by her words but her actions. There is much beauty in sexual desires no matter what gender is experiencing those feelings. Man with Man Man with Woman. I feel that following those scenes coming up should be handled with the respect that herself wrote it. Yes it was brutal and demented but the feeling of BJR was still coming from a place of love. This was his way of loving, right or wrong sadistic or not this was his way. Be truthful in showing that. I will be cringing just as I did during the flogging scene but will still come from the place of understanding how important that is to the story. Jamie was no longer just a tough guy I saw him as a vulnerable human being that needed Claire’s strong personality and love to carry him thru. It’s a great thing to see these two people save each other .