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Hi Terry, just wanted to say — Thank you. (Tea is coming, just on boiling on the stove.)

I only found your site a few days (ta Jezabel) and have since read it from back to front. Now my normal pattern when finding a great blog is to lurk and not comment but the unbelievable gall of some of your commentators prompted me to add to the chorus of others sending you support. That vitriol is what keeps me from speaking much online but silence is also complicity; you are creating a wonderland for the imagination of fans around the world. Standing by while little minds sully the work that goes into that just doesn’t seem an option.

So. In the hope that one more compliment can offset the weight of unpleasantness — Your work is beautiful. Your pictures, anecdotes and imagery are a welcome addition to my new routine of watching every Outlander episode twice, rereading the books and wondering if I can find a farmhouse like yours in Scotland. The pleats alone on that wedding dress make me want to weep.

So while I might not comment again, please know that you have made this long-time fan ecstatic that your deft hand is guiding the look and feel of the series.

Thanks Terry 🙂