Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



It would be great to have a post about the production process (after your break, of course!), and get an idea of your department in action. As a costume professional myself, I always find it interesting how different designers and departments work. Each production is so unique. It’s so hard to describe what we do to people not around it every day. I’m pretty sure my own parents have no idea what I really do!

Just a few things that I’ve wondered about:

– What sort of instructions do you give regarding the background? Are there specific color palettes for different locations etc.? Are there costume boards of extras we’d be able to see sometime?
– Does the show have a “core” group of re-occurring background (at Castle Leoch for example, or Black Jack’s Redcoats)? I know that often makes fittings easier, and helps create a believable world.
– How many principal set costumers do you have? Do Sam and Cait have their own?
– Do you work closely with props regarding weaponry?
– How often are you able to be on set, with all the preparation that also needs to happen at the same time?
– How do the weather and difficult conditions affect your crew? What do they struggle with the most on set?
– Where does your build team work from, are they all in Scotland, or do you have shops elsewhere?
– How many doubles of “regular” costume pieces do you generally have made? Such as Jamie’s frock coat and plaid, or the skirts and bodices in Claire’s general rotation.
– What are some more examples of times you’ve had to tweak historical accuracy because of the medium, or to serve the action better?
– What have been the challenges about working in Scotland as opposed to L.A. or somewhere more familiar?

Anyway, just a few suggestions! Do try and get some rest!