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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=2621]A couple of topics come to mind:
1 – Given the Paris/Versailles setting for part of DIA, I’m guessing you’ll have options to rent costumes that you didn’t for other settings. What is the thought process around that?
Nope. there is just not a lot available for rent these days, at least for this period. That was something of a shock, when we realized how much we were going to have to build. It almost killed us in Season One. So we are making 1000 costumes for Season Two extras.

2 – Do you develop your sketches/ideas chronologically based on the story, or do you have some idea of potential shooting schedule, and (presuming it’s out of order) design that way? or something else?
Usually we base it on scripts, conceptually, and then we design and make according to the shooting schedule. On this, I am incredibly lucky because I know the books so well, and I sleep next to the guy in charge of the writing. So I can ask him what is in and out, based on the books. Otherwise we just could not have pulled this off, and definitely could not have managed Season Two. I suppose we could have done SOMETHING, but it would have been crap, and I would have no part of that!

3 – Do you ever pick DG’s brain about costume?
No, I have enough brains to deal with as it is! 😉

4 – Sketches/ideas for S1 costumes to come …. although I really try to let it unfold on screen first, then get into the artistry/decisions underneath it afterwards. … So, maybe that leads to

Yes. Will I tell you, no ;D

5 – Are there any un-explored topics from Ep1-8 of S1? Besides putting on the kilt, that is?[/quote]