Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Thank You


to Mandy and Candy, and to you, Terry, I doff my proverbial and actual hat. As a costume person, a milliner and an historian, the joys of involded discussion centered around who wore what, why and how is thrilling my little heart every second. Brilliance does not always go noticed, as most folk pay very little attention to costume in popular media.Unless, of course, it’s what X, Y, and Z are wearing on the red carpet. God bless Joan Rivers for that, at least. Clothing is a language that you speak profusely and profoundly, whether it be about a soiled neckerchief, the wedding gown (TWG) or Jamie’s boots. Hoorah, hooray, and bravissima, oh wonderful person, Terry. And to the girls who have made this forum/blog expand and include us, your loyal and awe-inspired fans.It’s so wonderful that everyone is so interested. Thrilling, in fact. P.S. holler if you need a milliner!