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Reply To: curious about Outlander knitwear designers…


Since the rise of Ravelry, knitters and designers can have conversations like never before — for better or for worse! I wonder if the knitters/designers who were featured on the show think about jumping into the fray or if they are staying away on purpose? As so many knitting fangirls (fanwomen? fanknitters?) work to reverse engineer the patterns, I would have loved to hear the voices of the original knitters chiming in. Ralph Lauren or even Debbie Bliss might not jump into the conversations, but with the “small world” that knitwear design has become, it seems possible that some of the designers might have joined in.
The story of you seeing your work on the big screen captures the exact moment I was wondering about. It’s fun to imagine these designers being thrilled by their impact on hordes of enthusiastic fan knitters. I wonder how close my imagination comes to reality… I am completely delighted to be able to have this conversation with you! Thanks again for creating this forum.