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Reply To: The end of the story.

Terry Dresbach

Trying this for the 3rd time. It gets weirder saying it repeatedly.

Ron says, “when you lean forward the lights come up, and when you lean back they go dim.”

I sit there for a second, and then ask suspiciously, “exactly what do you mean by that?”

And then he says, maddeningly cryptic, “I am just very aware that I am your boss”

Jeez, this guy is going to make ME do the heavy lifting? I don’t do this! I don’t come on to anyone, they come on to me! I don’t make the first move, EVER. But he seems to afraid of a lawsuit, a sexual harassment lawsuit?? Seriously? I guess that means he is hitting on me.

So I take a deep breath, and get up, walk round the desk, and into his arms. He asked me to marry him six weeks later.

How’s that?