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Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: curious about Outlander knitwear designers…

Terry Dresbach

No Pamela, there is not one knitter, there are many. We did hire one amazing knitter who did do knit some of the costume pieces, but she knew about the show, and we had frequent consultations.
This business is a lot of things but I am not sure it is romantic.

The great thing though, is that none of us, the crew who works on the show, nor the general public forget about all the creative individuals who have helped weave the fabric of Outlander. We have talked a lot about trying to include the local craftspeople, in interviews and with fans directly.
I think everyone thanks THAT part is pretty romantic.

Remembering back about a zillion years ago, and I was doing handpainted leather clothing, long before I got into the business. I sold a few things to a couple of shops, and one day I was in a movie theater and one of my pieces walked across the screen on a BIG name actress. I came unglued, I was so excited!