Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: curious about Outlander knitwear designers…


Thank you so much for the reply Terry. I know next to nothing about the costume design industry and find it fascinating. I’ve dabbled in knitwear design and have been an Outlander fan lo these many years.

I guess my interest comes from a romantic curiosity about the designers. I’m imagining them in their homes watching the show and feeling amazed to be included. And I’m imagining how I would feel in their shoes with legions of fans clamoring to recreate their work. If it were me, I’d be so excited to be part of the conversation. I think it can be easy for the general public to forget that there is a creative human who put her (?) hands and imagination into creating this stuff. Who is she!? Or maybe I’m wrong to think it is a single person?

Thank you for bringing the beautiful Outlander world to life with your vision, and thanks for taking time to respond. I think there must be someone out there with an interest in writing the story of the unknown knitters behind the scenes – if that story does exist. I bet I’m not the only knitter who would be compelled to read it!