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Reply To: curious about Outlander knitwear designers…

Terry Dresbach

Hi Pamela, I saw your post over on Ravelry about this.
I have no idea how any of the craftspeople feel about the knit pieces on the show. I only know the name of one person I bought from. It is common practice for Costume Designers to purchase items of clothing. They walk into Barney’s or Saks Fifth Avenue, buy clothing that works for the characters on the show and never have a conversation with Ralph Lauren or Stella McCartney about it. So when we BUY goods, we don’t discuss it with those we are buying from.
Now if designers GIVE you clothing, then that is product placement, and they benefit just by having the actors seen in it, in this celebrity obsessed culture that is a plus.
If you hire someone to make things for you, then there are contracts that have to be drawn up.

Not really interested in writing anything more about knitwear. It is a topic that has been covered and covered. I am currently working on Season 2, much of which takes place in the French Court and Parisian Society. Not much need for knitwear there. Very different place than Scotland.

What is your interest in this, if I may?