Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Leaving Scotland


Terry (if I may address you so familiarly), I enjoyed your essay on Scotland tremendously. I gather you’ll be returning to the same house? That’s such a good idea. In my youth (shortly after the invention of electricity and the horseless carriage) when we slept in an unheated bedroom, we had hot water bottles to snuggle with under the covers. A hot water bottle by the feet helps to warm the entire body. A nightcap, not the beverage kind, but a head covering, is also helpful.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time stateside. The fires in northern California have been horrific this year, as the drought continues.

You have done so much to increase the pleasure for fans this past year. I’ve really enjoyed getting your insider view of costuming such a production, and salute you for putting authenticity over expediency. And for sharing your life and thoughts with us.