Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Ring


I am one of those people who have loved Outlander since it was published, so of course I notice the deviations from the story. They may make me take pause. I don’t let them bother me or lessen my enjoyment of the show in any way. Different mediums-differnt aims and all that. I actually like the ring. It is an interesting concept and I think really effective onscreen. It is a striking visual. For me, the polished and sleek gold ring speaks of the modern and clean world that she left and the rustic, oxided look of the key ring juxtaposed against the gold shows the nature of the world she now inhabits. The two rings really tell a complete story. It is a ring that I would wear. As a very amateur jewelry maker of 10 years, I think that I look at the feelings that jewelry evokes in me and the story that it tells me. This may not be the tale we got in the book, but for a visual medium like a TV show, the impact of the key ring along side the plain and shiny gold band gives a different and more impactful feel. It is even more special that the key means something important to Jamie.