Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Ring


I think the ring is really lovely! I love the hand-forged texture and simplicity. Terry’s explanation of Claire’s costuming being without too many bells and whistles and frills follows thru to the ring as well. It fits the character of both the giver (Jamie) and the receiver (Claire)… It works.
But even though I am a designer myself and most interested in details, it is not just about the ring itself as an object, but about the sentiment!!!
We know it is physically made of a key, and in the episode, Rupert and Angus were charged by Jamie to have it made as one of his 3 conditions for marrying Claire. If you know anything about those 3 conditions and about Jamie, you KNOW he is genuine, thoughtful, and guided by heart, so then I have to trust that this key has some deeper sentiment or symbolism. Maybe we don’t know it yet…maybe we will never find out, but either way, I trust the story. I trust the characters and the bond. I trust Ron and Terry.
The show has has been wonderful to watch and I am enjoying seeing the adaptation of a beloved book come to life…differences and all! Instead of looking for the differences, live in moment! It is an exciting new journey and I find it all refreshing as it unfolds. I never want great books to end, and in a way, the show is extending the life of the story for me. That is cool.