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This post is an response to your September 25th, 2014 about the ring.

First off, I am a Watcher at this point and am going to see the first season, THEN read Outlander. This is deliberate on my part as to see the vision Ron has for this most BELOVED story so I see it with fresh eyes first. Secondly, this show has blown me away regarding every aspect of its production. Your part in it as a storyteller is what brought me here and truly I was compelled to join this discussion forum.

I say all this, sorry it is long, because in seeing this ring…. what I see is that its simplicity is what makes is so very elegant. It suits Claire’s character as you say, she is all about simplicity. That is her strength. You could see the roughness of the ring and believe that it was made by a blacksmith.

However, in looking at the finished ring, I don’t see the parts of a key it came from, even though they explained it. Was it made by a jeweler, or did your team make it?

I look forward to seeing the blog post on the zillions of keys you looked at and the saga of the ring, starting from a nail and ending up as a key is so interesting. Thank you for sharing.