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Reply To: The Wedding and clothing


[quote quote=1850]The wedding couple’s costuming was as breathtaking as we knew to expect but I was also so tickled to get to see the ‘hoors’ brought to life! For some reason my mind’s eye is lacking in imagination where their clothes (and lack thereof) is concerned. Looking forward to a reviewing to get to study all the extras and note details. I did see some heavily patterned/embroidered corsetry. The dark colours and heavy fabrics are so interestingly different than what most of us have grown up with in ‘Hollywood’ interpretations of prostitutes. [/quote]

I wonder how much of that darker, heavier dressing is a function of being in a cold/temperamental climate? Even the hoooo-ers had to stay warm! While plying their wares, to boot! No easy feat, I’m sure.