Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Dress


Oh it was more than “just a pretty dress.” It was absolutely spectacular and made me forget about wanting to see the second hand dress that Claire wore in the book. I just want to say that you are doing a fantastic job! I love listening to the podcast with you and Ron and hearing the thoughts, process and heated discussions that lie behind your costuming choices. Even more excited now that I know about this website and these forums – for more costuming indulgence!! Re Claire’s wedding clothes – I want that shift she wore!! The fabric, the delicate string tie, the draping… Amazing. I wish there had been a slow pan over Jamie’s attire, as there was with Claire’s dress, but I get why it wasn’t done that way. Jamie’s slo-mo walk toward Claire was the next best thing. I have read the Outlander series (and listened to the Davina Porter narration) too many times to count. I love how you are bringing this world to life with such attention and thoughtful process to the details. You are honoring Diana’s beautiful story. Thank you!

p.s. while I love the wedding ring described in the book, I like what you did in the show. The ring is beautiful in its simplicity. I hope other aspects of the ring described in the book show up in season two!