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Reply To: Favorite wedding dresses!


Hello! This forum is a great idea! Thank you!
My wedding dress is definitely my favorite.
It was a relatively simple dress made out of a silk jersey material (I think), the sleeves were sheer, the back had an open V all the way down and the pearls at the neck held it together, and there was some nice ruching (sp?)in front. THEN there was the cape!! That is what made me fall in love with this dress! A full lace cape with a hood too. It was magical.
I had this idea that we would use the lace to put over a baby cradle. Hah! Not a chance! So impractical, on top of that I ended up with twins, so it was just not going to happen.
Maybe, just maybe, my daughter will use the dress. I think it’s a pretty timeless dress, it didn’t have all the dated details that most dresses had in the 80’s. We were married in Aug of 1987.