Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Dress


Unfortunately being a Canadian due to geography I haven’t yet seen THE Wedding episode.

But I wanted to let you know personally Ms. Dresbach how much I appreciate your design and production team efforts and dedication, and everyone and all who make this website and blog possible and this all those that also work on this popular television series.

I feel blessed and grateful to have this website and blog for a wee peek into the design aspect of this show as I am legally blind.

Blind – but not blind enough for a guide dog. But blind enough that I see little detail on clothing unless I am very close. And this makes watching TV and catching costume detailing damm near impossible. Sitting right in front of my 40 inch screen is the only way I can catch some detail, but certainly not all.

As I have had a long time fascination with Scotland, costumes, vintage fabrics, clothing design and fashions once I have visited your blog here I can then be part of the discussion on Facebook, Twitter about the show, the books, the costumes and details via this website about your work and design.

I don’t know if you realize how this blog for me, and perhaps many others like myself who have sight limitations has allowed us to feel included and just like every other “regular” sighted fan.

Usually I am not able to see what everyone sees on the TV or movie screens when it comes to costumes, clothing design and fashion. At least not in the detail seen here in this blog. And reading your very detailed descriptions is a godsend. You allow me to be part of your world. And it also allows me to be part of the excitement just like everyone else who watches the show.

I am ecstatic!!!! This blog showcases your very fine costuming details and your sources for inspiration up close. For me it is heaven….

Your blog also allows me to travel and see firsthand inside your world. How lucky am I? With this blog I can see for myself and hear in your own words what you envisioned. I get to see firsthand what you and your team made possible prior to viewing each episode show.

Now I don’t have to rely on others giving me descriptions of costumes on TV. Which can be excruciating at times coming from someone who obviously cares little based on their responses to my questions about a costumes and their design on the screen?

Thank your for your creativity, generously sharing you and your design teams hard word, inspiration, delicate and intricate design details, and the whole design process with me.
Your creativity, talent and hours of work have definitely paid off as your costumes have such detail and I can see each character’s personality shine through on this blog. I then take those pictures in my mind and information you have supplied here on this blog with me each week when I watch the TV episodes. I also take my iPad and look back at your blog and costumes during the show.

Watching each cast member each week after visiting your blog helps me to further enjoy the whole experience and each new episode even more.

On days when – and if you ever wonder why you do what you do – and then have to face this blog after a long day of work – Please think of people like myself. You have given me a rare look into a world I once only imagined and now can now see in more detail.

Your time, attention to detail and dedication and obvious love of the art of costuming and clothing design I deeply admire and appreciate as it shines through in every scene.

Your attention to the authenticity of each part of each costume is staggering and also admirable. It certainly is evident not only by me, but by the social media buzz regarding your team’s work. For that I say “thank you” a thousands times over.

Seeing the photos from your blog is like travelling through time for me. And also feeds my desire and aspirations of visiting overseas museums to view their clothing exhibits and peeking inside European fine vintage shops.

As you can imagine with my sight limitations I do so love feeling fabrics and seeing fabric and clothing designs up close – and very personal!(lol) I so wish technology would allow me to feel your fabrics. Someday……

If you could share with your entire Outlander team right down to administration staff, your support team including drivers and security, and your production team, your costume and design team, cast and crew my note of gratitude and enormous thanks for allowing me “to see” the Outlander world more clearly both with this blog and finally on my television screen I would so appreciate it.

You have all brought a world and its inhabitants to life in glorious colour that I had truly only ever seen my mind’s eye. Your efforts brighten my day and warm my heart.

And if no was has told you Ms. Dresbach , Mr. Moore, and “herself” Ms. Gabaldon, and the rest of your Executive producers, and your entire team who oversee the costumes and your support staff who help with this website and blog you are doing one incredible job!
And it is much appreciated by this Canadian admirer. I cannot tell you! Wait I have told you – maybe I have told you too much for too long! lolol

Just that I am very appreciative and grateful for your efforts – Your show may be once a week, but it has improved my quality of life in terms of my entertainment and made me very happy to see a book and characters I love come to life.

… Many thanks to you all, and bless you for having the passion that you so obviously do having followed so closely the heart and soul of the books, and bringing to life characters that I had only ever seen in my mind’s eye and in my dreams.

Catherine Dianne Jacques
From The County of Bruce
Port Elgin, Ontario