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Reply To: The Dress


I echo everyone here in saying that the dress is exquisite Terry! Serious and heartfelt kudos to your team. I would love to see this dress live on tour sometime! It’s just too beautiful a work of ART to put away without being admired. I think you may have inspired a few wedding dresses with this. Cait did indeed look like the sun (Jamie was dashing too of course).

I have questions! I posted in the blog comments, but now there’s a forum so I should ask it here.

Do you think Claire keeps it? Do you think the men would let her stuff it in her invisible traveling trunk? (Her dress changes on the road are totally plausible. I don’t know why people were nitpicking).

Theoretically, if this took one person 3,000 hours to make… How much would it be worth back then? Seriously how can the Madame ask only a SHILLING for it?!?!? How much was 1 shilling worth back then? I feel like a dress like that must be worth at least $10,000 today!

Terry, can you put a modern dollar valuation on this dress? Just wondering.

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