Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Dress


The dress was gorgeous. I’m sure I”m late to the party but I’d still love to know if those were stumpwork acorns on the bodice? I think I would like to try a sampler to look like the embroidery on that bodice. And if they were ribbon embroidered leaves too. Since I’ve just done some of that and I haven’t got any screencaps atm to check.

And I’m really in love with the petticoat and shift. Like I could not stop staring at the sleeves of that thing! How they were shear and how they were sewn under the arm. And the quilting (I think) at the bottom of the petticoat. Why is there quilting? Just to make the bottom heavy? Honestly looking at the seams of all of it was like watching a dance. Hi I have no words! 😛