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Reply To: Jamie's wedding garb


I really liked the way he looked so much more like the man we know he will become, and that made the virgin until married the more precious 😉
So here I am, totally onboard with the decision against a black-red Fraser tartan-but still there are a couple of questions that I have thought about-lol. BTW, i found a Fraserhunting tartan (weathered), see below, that looks similar-for all those that might go and complain, that is!
The brooch Murtagh asked Jamie for – in that context it seemed to me it was his mother’s, also because the size is a little small for all that plaid so I wondered might it have been Ellen’s, to wear on a woolen fichu?
In the book he was wearing a running stag brooch, but even though there might be more than one of those, seeing as the stag is the Fraser clan badge, I remember MacRannoch giving him a beautiful one after xxx, so by all means, he could be wearing that one as a ghost when Frank sees him – which alo gives the ghost a timeline as well.
But what made me wonder was the delicate flower design on the brooch, which for me was reminiscent of Parisian decor around the 1900’s, L’Art Nouveau, so to speak . . a little anachronistic,.. I hope I’m mistaken? I for one would have loved it if they would have been thistles or celtic ornaments.
The way Jamie wore his plaid draped over the one arm looked very formal – also because it must be quite impractical, but it added to the way the coat enhanced his stature und gave his shoulders the extra width to balance out Claire’s enourmous skirts. What I couldn’t discern by watching the episode was how the plaid came up from his kilt, because it is still supposedly a feiladh mhor, isn’t it? Or is it a separate piece with this outfit?
I would like to say that the way the lace was added made me sigh in relief, after the abundance in lacey jabots of the Garrison commander I was hesitant to see Jamie turned into a frilled dress-up mannequin for Scots finery – lol
I liked the pin that he wore (although we didn’t get any backstory I whish it was his fathers’, since he didn’t wear his ruby cabochon ring I’d like to think he was present in some of Jamie’s finery).
Jamie’s and Claire’s outfits were by far the best eyecandy we’ve yet had on this show, and THAT is saying something!!!! Bravo, for an extraordinarily well done execution of a pivotal scene for these two characters!!