Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: The Dress


Oh my goodness gracious, Terry…even better, in the words of Claire, JHRC!! That gown *will* be in a museum! It must so that others may step around it and enjoy it from every angle! Is there any chance that each step of the process of creating this masterpiece was captured on film? I’d love to see an entire documentary dedicated to the entire construction of this …this stunning creation. What was the gray (silver?) fabric? What gave you the idea of the tumbling leaves? And how in the world did you keep Cait’s girls from making a surprise appearance?? Every breath she took I swear they were going to escape! (Not that I’m sure Sam minded ;):):):)

Seriously, Terry…kudos to you and your entire team. I certainly hope to see a collection viewing at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences or at the Arclight at some point!

And, make room on your mantle for an Emmy…

Now, I’m gonna go back and watch this again. Wow…