Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Artistry of Outlander


I’m new to actively participating in social media so please excuse my errors (see post above).

Never have I viewed a TV show or movie and been actually emotionally moved by the costumes as I have been with Outlander! Of course, part of that reaction is from picturing the costumes in my head after reading Diana Gabaldon’s series multiple times over the years like so many others. The way you and your team have brought them to life in this visual medium is breathtaking and emotionally moving to say the least.
The first appearance of the Bar Suit in ep 202 gave me GOOSEBUMPS! Then when you described your process of inspiration on your blog, I got GOOSEBUMPS ON TOP OF GOOSEBUMPS!! LOL! The Black Platter Hat you decided to go with is so SPOT ON! As beautiful as the suit is, the hat somehow adds the exclamation point to the sentence of the costume, putting Claire the character AND Cait the actor in the PERFECT CONTEXT.

When I read that the costumes and mock sets would be exhibited at the Paley Center, I realized I was a short plane trip away (I live in Phoenix.) I knew I had to experience it, FACE TO… FABRIC !!! Then to hear that you and Gary Steele and teams received Emmy nominations was so exciting! My husband and I fly in this coming Saturday, the 30th and will head right over to the Paley Center upon arrival.

I have NEVER written a “fan letter” (my age is showing); I do not understand how Twitter works, but I felt compelled to reach out to you in this way, before I view the exhibit. After following your blog and writing this “sorta” fan letter, it will feel as though I’ll have you by my side as I experience you and your team’s inspired collection of ARTISTRY!! THANKS SO MUCH for all you do.