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  1. Avataroregonhealthy

    That amazing coat with the fur trim in episode 5 – sooo lovely! Is that something that a woman would have been wearing – I mean, was fur the height of elegance like it has been in America or was it a very realistic way of using parts that could keep you warm of the animals you were eating already? Also, are the upper parts of Claire’s dresses felted and the bottom unfelted plaid?

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Much of what we decide to do is driven by circumstance, just as it would have been in the 18th century. Riding and camping around Scotland in the winter is incredibly cold. It is an ICY wind here today. I am in bed under a pile of blankets, wearying a sweater.There is frost on the ground in the mornings, and it is September. We shot her riding around in the dead of winter. Caitriona had just come through hell, riding around in a sheer wool crepe shift for weeks, we just could not let her go out there unprotected.
      So we made her an 18th century riding coat, and we lined it with fur.
      We did our research, found plenty of riding coats to base our design on, and plenty of fur lined cloaks. We did not find a picture of a fur lined riding coat, but it sure seemed logical and above all, BELIEVABLE.
      People in earlier times used all parts of an animal, as you point out.
      One of the things I loved in The Gathering, was that they bring back that boar that killed Geordie. Didn’t matter if it killed one of them, it was meat and hide, all sorts of useable pieces.
      Claire doesn’t have any felted pieces. Her bodices and skirts are wool, except one is linen. Same for all her accessories. After a year of shooting in Scotland, they have been wet so much that there is a bit of natural felting that occurs on all of our wool costumes, making them even more protective for our actors. Just like the 18th century.
      Make sense?

      1. Avatarmajorknitter

        I wondered about that… if the natural elements of Scotland aided in the felting of the hand knits. I looked at the lovely little capelet that Claire wears in “Rent” episode 105 – by the side of the river when Ned Gowan comes to offer her some food and I said to my husband:

        “Hmmm – Claire’s capelet looks like it’s a little felted (or fulled) since the last time we saw it. Do you think it’s the Scottish elements or an accidental washing?”

        His answer? “Hot piss.”


  2. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    Clarie’s green tartan dress, the pleating, it’s just sublime. It must have weighed a ton! I always am so impressed by how well all the lines in the tartans match up – even pleated! I can just imagine how lovely and heavy that would feel walking, the pleats hitting your legs. So rich!!

  3. kmcherrettkmcherrett

    I absolutely love Claire’s fur trimmed coat and the tartan pleated dress is amazing. I can imagine how warm both pieces must be warding off those icy Highland winds. I heard Merill is going to keep the coat – lucky lass 😀

  4. Avatarmajorknitter

    Terry – I am loving the show… and the costumes. I think the wool waulking is my favorite scene to date. It really just shows you how day-to-day life was like. I especially love that Claire just jumps in and helps – hot piss and all. I enjoyed seeing the juxtaposition of Claire’s lovely costumes for someone who ranks high as a guest of the Mackenzie – compared to the tenants and the wool waulkers. Keep up the great work. I watch the show for the love of Outlander, the love of Jamie & Claire, and again for the costumes!

  5. Avatardebbiedake

    Listening to the Episode 5 podcast — Claire participated in wool waulking with Jenny and other ladies at Lallybroch. It was in another book but can’t remember which one. It was described in great detail, urine and all.

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