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Eastern Woodland Indians #1


I will post more extensive info a bit later, but I hope to give everyone a quick overview of the basic components!

Many people are not understanding why the Indians are wearing the same clothing as Roger. Roger is given the same clothing that the Indians wear, by the Mohawk. These components were worn by Indians across North America, with variations on theme, dependent on location and climate.

When different cultures live together, they adopt various elements of the other. Clothing moved both ways between the settlers and the Indians.

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  1. larathomas

    I grew up doing French & Indian War and Revolutionary War reenacting. Reenactors are often a little bit crazy about research and authenticity. Please know how impressed folks are about your meticulous research and “keeping it real.” Personally, the trade silver was the first time I saw a production use it accurately and BEAUTIFULLY. Thank you!

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