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  1. terrydresbach

    Dougal’s costumes are more reflective of continental fashions, he wears trews, he wears a full length frock coat, other costumes yet to be revealed are more sumptuous and “fashionable. We made is clothes of better cloth and a more refined cut, while still trying to hold onto his place as the war chieftain. Not a man to be taken lightly. We also tried to draw a subtle line with his costumes, between France and Scotland, as they were allies, and Dougal is an established nobleman with direct ties to France.
    We know much less about Jamie, we first meet him as a Highland outlaw, then as a horseman, it is well into the show before we discover anything more about him.
    His clothes are directly of the Highlands. He wears a kilt and a Highland jacket. There is nothing really that sets him apart from the other Highlanders,.

    1. Paradus

      Terry, sorry to bother but I’m looking for someone to either commission Dougal McKenzie attire or point me in the direction of someone who can do this work in a few months (june) deadline. Any direction you can provide would be awesome…. I’m interested in the Wedding formal attire mostly but would be happy with either

      I note the following
      The broach pin on the tartan shoulder is different on formal as opposed to travel attire same, with the scarf pin at the neck.
      Dougal’s travel jacket seems to have a plaid pattern which I’m not sure I can find.

      You can reach me at or #Over30cosplay on FB

      thank you much

  2. Brenda Cunningham (@PunkiBrenda)

    I am so taken with how much you take into account all that is relative to the designing. Might I say know you hear this over and over….but truth Terry you have nailed it! Dougal looks sexy as all get out and the way he is dressed gives him that status he has…While we have bee given looks into your designs I will tell you as a from the get go reader you have done Outlander proud.I know that you Design and they are costumes but I find it hard to just not look and see clothing do you know what I mean?I am so glad it is you that is doing this as I know Ron made the perfect choice (besides as wife) know from my heart that you have taken what was a very thin knowing of what was in clothing and designed what it was…..Be proud you and entire crew

  3. Lizzrd (@Lizzrd)

    I love that there’s so much more to costuming than meets the casual eye at first glance. And that the more one knows about the history of fashions, the richer a story can be for the viewer. I spent several years in a household run by a stage costumer, and there I had my eyes opened to the scope of the job, particularly for period pieces. I have enjoyed seeing the clips and hearing about the sourcing and construction of your work. The care, craftsmanship and meticulous accuracy is very much appreciated. You are the consummate craftsman (or if you prefer, crafts person/woman.)

    It’s been an absolute joy to watch this labor of love unfold. After years of imagining how badly this could go in the wrong hands if ever it came to be…I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation (along with countless others) on the eve of tonight’s Great Reveal.

    Bless you, Terry. Bless you, Ron, Maril and every single individual who has worked so hard with such reverence to bring this treasure to life for us fans. We are thankful for your collective gifts!

  4. Michele Delgado (@MoreThanTango)

    I haven’t seen the 1st episode yet, but I am thrilled with all the costumes. (It’s almost hard to call them costumes because they look like authentic pieces, even though I wouldn’t have known what that was.) I admit that I was sad when I first learned we wouldn’t be seeing Claire in that yellow dress at the castle, or Jamie in his brilliant red wedding outfit, or Dougal and Colum in their fancy bright gathering outfits. I had pictured them for so long that I could just imagine it, especially Jamie coming out in his stunning wedding outfit. I wanted the breathtaking shock of color. But with your explanations of the times (which I admit I knew very little about really) it was obvious that those things just wouldn’t be possible, especially in the average household in a small village, where Jamie borrows his stuff except for the plaid. But what you have given us is the fantasy that this story really happened at that time. I love imagining that it could have been “real,” and your work takes that a step further into creating it. Here, Dougal looks every bit the impressive War Chieftan. It’s just wonderful!!

    I find myself explaining Outlander a lot these days as I tell people why they should watch and what it’s about. And I realize that Diana, her characters, those involved in the series, are all people of conviction. You knew what was right for the series, you believed in it, and you showed us why we should believe too. Oh I’m so thrilled. Just the images I have seen are such a visual feast. Thank you!!

    (And I have a feeling that the wedding outfit, while not red, is going to breathtaking in a different way.)

    1. terrydresbach

      Michelle, your post means so much to me. I fret a lot about the changes I have made, and if they will be okay for everyone. I tried to make the yellow dress, I tried to design it just as written, but it just did not translate. That was a hard thing for me as well, as I had read those descriptions so many times. Though I must admit I always pictured what you will be seeing on screen.
      It make me so happy to read that you feel the costumes make it seem even more real. That is my job, and if I succeed in that i will be very satisfied.

      Again thank you for your incredible note.

  5. Katie Bonner (@bunnums)

    Fascinating about the subtle differences in the clothing for Dougal. Looking at him, it’s quite clear that he’s a different status and knows it. But I would not have been able to say specifically what it is about the clothing that does that. Yet it very effectively does so.

    The stern Highland Dougal in these photos is in such contrast to the lovely, charming Graham who appeared in all the interviews last weekend. It’s hard at times to grasp that it’s the same person!

  6. islandchickny

    A week ago, some of us were fortunate enough to “walk through the stones” from 2014 to 1743 heralded by bagpipers, & gorgeous men in kilts. I never expected to be in that position as, I’ve come very late to the Outlander party, having only started reading the books this past March. What actually drew me in, was equal parts story & costume – yes I am an admitted sucker for a costume drama! I could not wait to see all your hardwork up on the big screen. It was in a word EPIC! Dougal’s costume def. set him apart, his impressive stature emphasized by the trews, coat & tartan. Without even uttering a word Dougal commanded respect. You could just see in his carriage, & comportment that Graham felt he was indeed in 1743 & a Laird. Yes, he is a great actor, but you could definitely see it amongst the balance if the cast as well, they too felt transformed and that Terry, is a credit to you, and all your hard work!
    A friend suggested I read your blog (again I’m a costume drama junkie) and after reading, I have to say we are very lucky suckers that you are so generous with your time! We are definitely beneficiaries of a costume master class by one of the best! I cannot wait to see all of the other episodes, and how you help develop each character through fabric, color palette, and to hear the back stories. Thnx again!

  7. C.c. Coburn

    Hi Terry, Firstly, wonderful job with the costumes! They certainly evoke the atmosphere of Scotland. I’d like to ask about Dougal’s trews. (We don’t have the series here in the UK yet 🙁 so am only going on trailer clips). They look like baggy tights, or knitted leggings or something. Does he wear them under a kilt, or does he only wear them with a coat? Are they supposed to be trews or tights to keep his legs warm and what are they made of please? ie. woven or knitted? tia!

  8. awabbit

    Thank you Terri, for bringing Diana’s words to “life.”
    My question for you is: the grey/blue bonnet Dougal wears is not an ordinary bunnet(bonnet)/tam.
    Nor is it a beret.
    I have been looking for such a large diameter chapeau to wear when it gets cold.
    On me, Basque berets are too small, too tight and look silly when worn “cocked” or worn straight across.
    Is this a cap that you designed or is there something like it which can be purchased today?
    Thank you for your reply!
    Anne in North Hollywood, CA

  9. robnruth

    I was told that the Scots bonnets worn by Dougal and others in the show were put through an aging process so that they looked more worn in and weathered. Can you give any info about what exactly you did to age the bonnets? Thanks so much. Love the show.

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