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  1. AvatarBrenda Cunningham (@PunkiBrenda)

    Ok Terry what does one say to someone she has never had the chance to meet but admires so very much.I feel as if I repeat myself over & over as to the opinion of your designs. Lets just say that as a verra long from get go book reader and myself a old soul your ability and talent to your gift are amazing. First these are characters from an amazing book. Diana has without a doubt one of the best abilities to give you details as to the character and insight to who and what they wear or seem to. You have taken EACH person that steps foot in front of the camera and given them the ability to carry that character to life with the start of their clothing….As there is and was so little to go on let me say that the designs are out of this world stunning…I find the colors the variety of each the way they set lay look gives so much to each and every character my gosh it just takes me there! So many shows go for pomp of which I find blah this is genuine natural and so real to what was. I want to say Thank You for your true love of what and how you do it you research and lay out each tiny little piece that just brings the character to life. Not taking away from the actors YOU help them I believe in a way we may not have known till your sharing with us the process.So with that I am beyond pleased with the precious gift of Outlander and that you are its designer….as I said I have trouble saying costume to me theses are clothing without a doubt! To all involved a huge huge be proud and Thank You from bottom of my heart

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      I am not going to write a lot Brenda, cause I am going all teary. As far I am concerned, a note like that is absolutely the best award I could ever receive as a costume designer. If we can touch people, transport them out of the room they are watching in, the same way we all transport when we read a great book, then that is perfect satisfaction.
      Thank you so much Brenda, I am quite moved.

      1. Avatarlaney1120

        Brenda speaks for many of us. Every episode is better than the one before. Obviously a labor of love for many of you, and we truly appreciate every detail you add to our beloved story.

  2. AvatarBelvane

    Seeing Diana being allowed into her own book, in a costume that both blends her in but gives her all the royal air she deserves – that was a real treat. I enjoyed seeing her honoured so, and I think your choice of design was… touchingly perfect.

    A bit off topic: Since the show started, you write a whole lot about it (and justly so); but I’m here not because of Outlander; I’m here because I was touched by your point of view of things. Your personal drive in your work process (in this entry: https://www.terrydresbach.com/2014/07/20/butcher-baker-anthropologist-sociologist-psychologist-historian-thief/), but much more – your thoughts of your new home and longing for the old one (Here: https://www.terrydresbach.com/2014/03/08/an-18th-century-house/) and even the recipe for your mother’s meat sauce; tiny tidbits of a life through a point of view I enjoyed. I know many read this blog for Outlander, but I read it for the person who writes it.

    So if you have the time (and the free mental CPU), there’s at least one reader here who’d love to have some of those entries again, alongside the corsets and buckles and Geillises.

      1. AvatarGràs Beathag (Mal) (@mostlyalurker)

        well, this is a case in which you think wrongly! i echo belvane’s sentiments. i remember your early days on twitter — the passionate, intriguing conversations, the clothing item lessons, the sharing of yourself and your life with us beyond and behind all the costume talk. i felt i found a friend and kindred spirit in you and while i love the sharing of your work and process (which is all fabulous and so incredibly perfect i can’t even find words to tell you what i think of it all), it is you, yourself, the woman behind the curtain as it were that i am interested in, resonate with, and care about surprisingly deeply.

      2. AvatarBelvane

        There certainly is, and it seems I’m not alone in feeling that way. If you’ll have the time and inspiration, I’d be happy to see more ‘Terry’s thoughts’ posts alongside the ‘Outlander costume design’ ones. Thanks for replying!

  3. AvatarMolly Spradley

    Huzzah!!! I have to ‘ditto’ Belvane and Brenda because they expressed what so many of us feel about your work, Terry. And as someone with no professional interest in costuming but a deep respect for the work you do and awe over the creative process to get us all there, I thank you and do hope that life will permit you time for more personal ruminations.

    Your team did an outstanding job on Ep. 104–wow! And I was so thrilled to see Ron’s gorgeous jacket make a cameo in the title shot too. Glad he was kind enough to share photos of it before the series began. It is an amazing piece.

    And then in Ep. 105 we get to see quilted garments? As a quilter this makes my heart pitter patter!!!


  5. Avatarwbfjf

    Terry, I love that her Sacque back was the tartan, did you pleat and sew that as a separate piece over the skirts or attach it to the velvet skirt and then pleat the whole thing? Most patterns I’ve seen have the back and side skirts as all one piece. Jean

  6. Avatar⭐Pamela (@P_Umali)

    DG looked great in the dress. The sketch looked like she had a “cape” (forgive me if I am calling using the wrong term). I’ll have to view the episode again. With all that velvet fabric–is the dress heavy? Just wondering.

    Terry, I agree with many of the wonderful ladies who had left comments regarding how we feel about you. I do LOVE your costumes and designs. But I also fell in love with your insight about life and how you share parts of your personal self with us. It allows us to see* Terry Dresbach*, who we knew FIRST as Ron Moore’s wife….costume designer for Outlander. Sharing your person feelings regarding love, family, and the world — we feel like we know you. And because we care about you–and we do care– we also feel a connection to your wonderful creations–your costumes. We feel a personal connection with you, well…at least I do–and that, to me, feels like talking to a friend.

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Well, that is an interesting topic. The idea for those costumes came from the director and producers. I fought hard against them. My co- designer on the first few episodes designed and made them, and I stayed clear. So I am sorry, but I can’t tell you much about the design or construction of those costumes.

      1. Avatarterrydresbach

        I wanted bed sheets.I just loved that part of the book. I loved that it wasn’t a bunch of new age, floaty, pagan women. I loved that it was just Mrs. Graham, and the lady who ran the grocery and the woman who was married to the local doctor, whomever. There was nothing glamorous about them, they were just ordinary women, who you might not of looked twice at, and would never think they were witches or pagans. But once a year they took their bed sheets and tied them on over their normal clothes, and called down the moon.
        To me that would have been a new and really progressive way of presenting “witchcraft” and magic. Much more in keeping with the long tradition of women who were called “witches”.

      2. AvatarBlair Campbell (@blair_bec)

        Fascinating. I started reading the book as the series was beginning to air, so I actually saw this scene before I read it. I quite like your approach actually. I’ve adored reading your commentaries on Mrs. Fitz to translate what she and other characters, especially Claire, are wearing. Brilliant! Thank you for the insight,

      3. AvatarBlair Campbell (@blair_bec)

        Not done yet! I was behind for Sassenach and The Gathering, but caught up for 102 and 103. It’s been a race to finish each week. I definitely watch the episode differently when I generally know what’s coming, but the show on its own has been beautiful and engaging for a half-reader. I have a long flight in a few days so I should be done with the first book soon. Whew!

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