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I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage an amazing photographer, Dennys Ilic, to photograph some of my S2 Designs.

Excited to share with all of you! I will add pictures over the next few weeks. Here’s the Red dress…










2 thoughts on “DETAILS

  1. @Teresa

    My comment is about the Ramsey Dress. I must confess that I was perplexed when I first saw Claire wear it because it’s so, well., just so. Very strong, black and white. It’s as though it is meant to tell a story all by itself. But when Claire wore it when Jamie returned from the Bastille, it was the perfect dress for her to wear Seeing her standing at the top of the very long staircase, Jamie hesitating knowing he has to face her wrath, well, then I could see it making a very strong and appropriate statement. It was ecclesiastical, which I felt was needed for both Jamie and Claire. It communicates a sense of pending judgement. When Claire first appears on the landing we don’t know all that she will say to Jamie- that she is taking the blame for Faith’s death. When that emerges, the dress is even more spot on. As I look back on Season 2, I find myself thinking about the Ramsey Dress more than any other. Thank you.

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