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DETAILS – We call it the Ramsey Dress













12 thoughts on “DETAILS – We call it the Ramsey Dress

  1. Deb333

    WOW!!! Stunning!! I especially loved the detail of the chain and ‘chatelaine’?’ I have a question, though, which dress is the one C. Balfe called yhe ‘Dior’ dress she loved?

  2. One of my favorites! Can you tell us how the bodice is closed? I don’t see laces.

  3. peggyvanslp

    Lovely soft aspects with metallic, strong details. This is a wonderful combination of styles for Claire, the runner of the household, the healer, the partner. Thanks for these close-ups of all the beauty.

    1. CJWallace

      I don’t know the answers to either question, but I can tell you that the chatelaine was not just a decorative item. It was a tool belt for the lady of the house. Claire’s appears to have held a small knife, a flint box, a key and some sort of small screw.

      1. dsmccurdy

        Small knife is actually a letter opener or seal breaker, I believe. The small screw implement is a wine/port corkscrew. The “flint box” is actually a pill box or note box as the “lady of the house” did not start fires. The key would have been not for the main door since those had more of a latch and bolt system, but rather for the pantry, wine cellar, and linen storage. In Claire’s case it may have possibly been for her surgery.

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