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Details…the Latest, Claire ‘Blueberry’, and Analiese ‘Dressage’



I have an endless stream of these pics. They will take us all the way through Droughtlander. It is not only a way to share the kind of detail my team accomplished, but also a look at how staggeringly enormous S2 was. It is overwhelming in retrospect and interesting to now be dealing with the concern that I overwhelm the blog. Can viewers take it all in?? I really don’t know.

Anyway, the Blueberry was created because I found this gorgeous pice of fabric, once again at Britex. I was really playing with colour and decided to embroider the brilliant red leaves on it. Not only did it make for a stunning costume for Claire and highlighted the opulence of Paris, but it highlighted the beautiful colours in the fabric in a really dramatic way.

L1001725_edited-1 L1001708 L1001703 L1001702 L1001695 L1001693_edited-1 L1001691 L1001684

This costume of Annalise’s is one of my favourites. Annualise gave us, as did Louise, the chance to once again, define Paris and to define Claire, in juxtaposition. We went to town on this costume, the same way did on Louise’s costumes. It was an opportunity to just show the viewer how complex and detailed 18th century clothing could be.

In story terms, it highlights how foreign and decadent this world is that Jamie and Claire have to navigate. How they stand out in contrast to that world and yet carry the simplicity and elegance of Scotland and of the 1940s into the French court.

L1001622 L1001611 L1001591 L1001584 L1001582 L1001579 L1001568 L1001565 L1001562


30 thoughts on “Details…the Latest, Claire ‘Blueberry’, and Analiese ‘Dressage’

  1. Avatarbluekittycat

    Oh my goodness, I love these posts so much! I do find myself forgetting when the costume appeared in the show though. Can you include that information as well? Of course this is also a good excuse to watch the season again!

  2. Avatarsaratogarose

    Terry – I just arrived back to my hotel room after viewing your costumes at the Paley Center. Drug my girlfriend with me, she doesn’t watch the show and wasn’t that excited, but 35 years of friendship made her tag along.

    It was fabulous!! To be so close to the costumes that you could touch them ( I behaved and kept my hands in my pockets : ) I was on cloud nine!

    As beautiful as the costumes are on screen, in person, they are breathtaking. The details, the embroidery, the buttons and hand painting – we spent two hours taking in all the details.

    When I get back home to the Bay Area – will find the episode with the Blueberry dress. The coloration is gorgeous.

    And, of course, I had my picture taken with the Red Dress – THE dress! As much as I adore that dress, I missed the red shoes. I would give my right arm for those shoes.

    Thank you for allowing us to view your incredible creations in person. You and your team have down phenomenal work.

    And, let your husband know – he now has a new viewer, thanks to you! My girlfriend has vowed to watch Season 2 as soon as we arrive home.

    So excited- I don’t know that I will sleep a wink tonight! Bonne Nuit!

  3. Avatargreengirl17

    Claire’s Blueberry dress was my favorite. Have loved being able to stand in front and admire all the details thanks to Saks and the Paley Center.

  4. AvatarAnne H.

    Love seeing all of the details, keep it coming! Love the dresses, of course, but what has blown me away the most is Master Raymonds coat and the significance of each motif. Without your blog/Twitter we would never know the details. Thank you for this.

  5. Avatarlorilbell

    You and your team amaze me. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your process. I’m going to have to start looking up words in a thesaurus…I mean how many ways are their to say spectacular?

    I was lucky enough to view some of the costumes while in NYC. I hope the costumes “travel” back to the DC area so I can get a better look. Hopefully, there will be many seasons of Outlander to come!

    I try to keep up with you on Twitter but sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t always have time. Thanks again!

    Lori Bell

  6. AvatarPhillygirl1807

    Your designs are amazing. The blueberry dress was my favorite of Claire’s beautiful Paris outfits. And Jamie’s Paris clothes were very masculine, even with all of the embroidery. Wish the costume display would come to the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC.

    Several years ago the National Gallery had an exhibit of costumes worn by Diagalov’s Ballet Russe. There were costumes designed by young artists of the time, including Picasso and Matisse. Really fascinating, and a window into the excitement that must have been felt in Paris – the cultural center of the world before WWI.

    Please, Terry, send the Outlander costumes to Washington, DC, so their impact will reach more people!!

  7. Avatarclaireokc

    Oh please, oh please share pics. Not all of us got to make it to LA or NYC to see them in person, and seeing and hearing your descriptions is fab….even IF it goes past Droughtlander!!!! Thanks!

  8. Avatarakailiajade

    Your Season 2 costumes, for both the men and the women, are positively luscious! I’m watching Season 2 again and really taking a good look at them. They’re just stunning. I’m on the east coast in Upstate New York, so there’s no way I could have made it to the recent exhibit, but I wish I could have. If these costumes look this good on screen, I can only imagine how wonderful they look up close. I do wonder how the actors feel about them? Are they difficult to wear? I’d be terrified of damaging them! Do they help the actors get into their characters more? I’ll bet they do. Congratulations on a masterful achievement in costuming. I just love them!

  9. AvatarAlennaM

    Thank you so much! I wish I could see them in person. Really looking forward to seeing your 18th century sea travel costumes, and maybe the 1960s “groovy” times too?

  10. Avatar

    I love the attention you give to the sleeve and undersleeve. And your choice of color and combination of hues with Analiese “Dressage” are stunning. Such a good example of how well color relationships work to enhance a piece of art!!

  11. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    Thanks Terry for posting pics of these gorgeous costumes. It great to be able to see all the details as I miss so much when I get caught up watching each episode. Droughtlander won’t seems so long………yea it will LOL but having your posts to look forward to helps 😀

  12. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    I am looking forward to enjoying all your future blog posts as much as I have all the posts to date. Thank you for sharing your (and your team’s) creativity with us.

    Question: are the jacket with the embroidery and the skirt from the same fabric, because the colors look somewhat different?

  13. Avatarmosleslie

    I will “take it all in” by any way I can get it! And I’m in a permanent Droughtlander until this Fall or Winter, anyways, when I might be able to catch up. Always love your posts no matter what season of Jamie & Claire’s Outlander story we’re in. Thank you for going to all the effort to share your work.

  14. AvatarSweetAlissum

    I sew a little for fun, costumes to make myself happy, and I adore reading about professional costumes who take on projects like Outlander. Terry, your interviews, your blog, the detail I see in the photos for Outlander captured my mind so much I knew I -had- to see these costumes in proper context. After devouring the show the last three weeks, I was delighted to find I loved the show almost as much as the gorgeous costuming. I also want to say, being from San Francisco, I’m giddy every time you name check Britex! That place is my wonderland and I’m there every other week. I stare longingly at so many bolts of fabric I can’t afford and buy ribbons and notions instead. I have treated myself to some amazing stuff from their clearance and remnants over the past year which is about the best I can do haha~ The Blueberry costume is wonderful. I love embroidery so much and seeing close-ups of the detail work you do is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing all of your Outlander work. It’s literally the reason I watch the show!

  15. AvatarNGabe

    Thank you so much for giving us a closer look at your artistic genius! I wish there was a way the Paley show could go on tour to the rest of the US. I would love to see these gorgeous costumes up close. For now, I’ll continue to enjoy the photographs!

    1. AvatarJRG

      I totally agree there NGabe. To see these up close would be fabulous. I too will continue to enjoy all the blogs, pictures and all that we see here thanks to Terry.

  16. Avatarcynthialeawood

    Hi Terry! I am a huge fan of your creativity work with Outlander; and being an accomplished seamstress/embroiderer,/accessory designer myself, I would love to work on your team! Do you currently have any openings? I can send you photos of things I’ve created.

    You can reach me at : Cynthia, I took out your personal info and will email it to Terry directly. We don’t want your personal information on the site where it can be picked up by robots and such. – Candy (admin)

    Cynthia Wood

  17. AvatarDraper

    Australian cable tv is now repeating Outlander series 2.

    I was wondering if it’s possible to have any background info on the 1940s and 1960s clothes chosen for the show. The clothes on screen are very ‘normal’ and I use that word as a compliment because they are perfectly of their time and place. (Actually, they could easily slot into my family photos from that era and that includes the ones Claire’s daughter wore. The clothes of American cousins always looked a little brighter, a little sharper, a little more modern and just a little foreign, even when they were wearing approximately the same thing as Scottish relatives.) Much as I adore the 18th century clothes, I’m quite intrigued by the choice of 20th century ones too.

  18. AvatarJRG

    Terry I just want to say I have been a fan of the work of you and your team from the moment Outlander aired. Having read all the books so far available 3 times I have definitely created pictures in my head of how things would look and you all have done a marvelous job of making them come to life in this series. My fingers ache thinking of all the hours of hand work that has gone into all of these costumes from the beginning until now and I truly look forward to enjoying more years watching as your team and that of all the rest involved in the show bring Outlander to life this way.

  19. AvatarDraper

    With all the grim news world-wide right now, I almost missed this little gem: the Outlander Gaelic tutor deservedly got an award at the Scottish Gaelic awards!

    Still think putting Gaelic into Outlander without any subtitles was a brave, brilliant move. To put it in some perspective: the BBC has been known to even add subtitles for strong Glaswegian accents speaking English.

    And if anyone is tempted to learn but has some smart arse tell you ‘no one speaks that now’, well, yes they do. This is what it sounds like in a modern setting courtesy of the legendary Norman MacLean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr_briCza9I

    This is how it sounds, more or less, when my relatives get together. They slip in and out of Gaelic and English, as the word/phrase best suits them. No, I’m not able to join in, but I recognise bits and pieces because I’ve heard them in context so many times. And no, you don’t have to be Scottish or from the Highlands to learn the language. No one owns it.

    Congratulations Adhamh o’broin!

  20. Avatarrachelgamin

    Claire’s Blueberry dress is one of my favorites, and the first one to make me gasp and pause the playback when I first saw it (in UHD, no less!) Terry, if it helps, you should know that I used to be the kind of person who would think “oh, pretty!” and then direct my attention back to the story at hand, but since I’ve been rewatching and listening to the podcasts, I always make a point to take a close look for as many details as I can see. I keep thinking “Terry will be mad if I don’t pay attention.”

  21. AvatarDraper

    Really sorry to hear about the rip-off Simplicity patterns. Must be very galling (no, infuriating) to have other people make money (and a reputation) on your uncredited work. I believe you will be closing this forum because of what’s happened and would like to say thank you for keeping it open as long as you did.
    Best wishes, C.

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