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Details. St. Germain…Dinner Party.



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19 thoughts on “Details. St. Germain…Dinner Party.

  1. mandywhelan96

    OMG! I’m wiping the drool off my keyboard! WOW! All of St. Germain’s costumes were so stunning. Rivaled only by the King’s I think (for the men’s costumes aside from Jamie’s leather coat which I absolutely adore). Absolutely stunning work that you and your crew did Terry! I’ve been completely blown away by the gorgeous details.

    I will say that I breathed a small sigh of relief when they returned to Scotland this week. It just seemed like everyone could breath easier then when they were in Paris. Out of the busy city and the ornate costumes and back the green of Scotland and less restrictive clothing.

  2. JBaillie88

    Every single one is a work of art, as is each piece of clothing this season! I must say that as much as I love the sweeping beauty of Scotland, I will really miss the pageantry of the costumes in Paris. You and your team deserve every award possible for the blood, sweat and tears you have poured into this season. Well done, and thank you!

  3. larrouxgirl

    I’m fascinated by the precision of the pick stitching on all the faced edges. I know it’s not terribly glamorous, but that kind of hand work is killer in my book. I don’t want to damage anyone’s humility, but you and your crew are unparalleled. Simple as that.

  4. Draper

    It’s all stunning, every costume picture that goes up! Spent the first 5 minutes of this weeks episode wondering why everything was brown before my eyes re-adjusted to the subdued Scottish natural tones and textures after bright Paris. Still enjoying the show very much. Thank you for taking the time to post these photos.

  5. MCatherine

    Delicious-Scrumptous-Divine-Spectacular- adjectives all too weak… I groaned in ecstasy for the beauty as I scrolled through each frame. The fabric-the detail-the colors….Oh, my….truly exquisite. I don’t think any TV series today or in the future will ever exceed what you have created for OUTLANDER costumes, Terry.

  6. MedusaZ

    Stanley must have felt like a God wearing that Gold ensemble. He was clearly outshining his Countess. Shows where the balance of power was in that relationship!

  7. Draper

    Not sure where to put questions, now that the forums aren’t in use.

    I’ve heard Clanranald were involved in the remaining episodes for series 2 and was wondering if they wore their own re-enactment clothes or different ones provided by the show?

  8. Suzanne Forbes

    Dear Terry, thank you so much for taking the time to share these works. I know how hard it is keeping a blog up and doing it with the schedule you have must be exhausting. This is a tremendous gift to Outlander fans, art lovers, costume geeks and women who love to see another woman create great works.

  9. The embroidery is magnificent! Love the extension of the vine past the back box pleat!

  10. Devon Ellington

    The details are magnificent. You have an amazing team.

    When I worked WICKED on Broadway, the costumes had layers and layers of detail. . .but, because it was Broadway, with the 40-foot rule, the audience got the overall effect of the depth and texture, but not the detail.

  11. freyjaschild

    Terry, I searched the Internet today to see if you had a fan mail address, but I can’t seem to find one. I’d like to send you an actual paper letter. Is that a possibility?

  12. Draper

    No one using this now? Never mind, sincerely thank you for season two and for that last, long, sad episode. Loved the details of course: eg. ‘Free Scotland’ graffiti (in real life, found in all the weirdest and remotest places), the clothes worn by the Bonnie Prince Charlie mannequin v. the clothes the ‘real’ Bonnie Prince Charlie wore and best of all, the headscarf Claire wore. How do you pick these things?! Those headscarves and their owners used to be everywhere in Scotland for DECADES it seemed, from north-east coast to the western isles, always tied firmly under the chin, usually accompanied by an oversize shopping bag and a frown. If the story ever gets to 1980s Scotland, I’m hoping characters will be watching Donnie Murdo cartoons on tv too!

    1. Draper

      I don’t watch Outlander for the history (don’t watch Dr Who for the science either!) I watch because I enjoy it and it’s an absolute bonus that the history shown isn’t crap and doesn’t jolt me out of that make believe world. If something looks or sounds a bit odd there’s usually a reason for it in this show. I love the ‘oh so that’s why they did that’ moments. Once you accept the time-travel idea, anything goes.

  13. M&M

    I love the back on the coat….. the little detail of it continuing upwards. Makes me wonder what people back in the day would do with an embroidery machines. *g*

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