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Details – Master Raymond


These pics are just all so extraordinary. Thank you Dennys!!!!!I will just keep working through S2, commenting where relevant.

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18 thoughts on “Details – Master Raymond

  1. akailiajade

    I was taught to crochet as a child of about 10 and taught myself to knit. I did do some embroidery years ago but gave that up because frankly, I did not have the patience for it. I still crochet and knit. I mention all of this so you will know that I understand what goes into creating handmade things. My greatest compliments to whoever designed Master Raymond’s coat and did the embroidery work. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. angelasassoinlondon

    I love Master Raymond’s costume out of them all in S2. Probably because it is so unexpected. In the books, I just had always imagined him in just ordinary clothes, but you made him mysterious, intriguing, extraordinary, and wanting to know more about this mystery man. Even Diana hasn’t spilled all of his secrets yet. We just want to know more and more.
    Tell us what the plants are that are embroidered? The symbols? Who did the research on all of the symbolism? I really want to see it in person.
    (this and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s “Walker’s Shortbread” costume – as Andrew Gower tweeted it – are the ones I liked the best – oh wait – and the King’s Full on Head-toToe-Fleur-de-Lis 🙂

  3. jennmc725

    Thank you for posting! Even with our 90″ TV (yes, everything really is bigger in Texas), you can’t see this level of detail on screen. As a hand embroiderer, I say that whomever did this work deserves a raise. I love the twining branches–they look 3D!

  4. W E

    Everything done for Master Raymond was simply superb and this costume was no different. Thank you for posting such wonderful pics of this work of art! I went to see the Outlander Exhibit at the Paley Center but didn’t see this costume as I’d hoped. (The Dior dress wasn’t there either, sadly)

    Keep up the good work, Terry! It is being seen and appreciated by the fans.

  5. tradewindy

    Terry, Master Raymond’s coat is incredible, thanks to you and your design & embroidery teams. I hope there is a book of the wonderful work you all do in the offing, I want to know about the clothing and the thought processes that went into their creation. Please don’t wait until the end of the series to write it…I want to be alive to buy and read it.

  6. MimiK

    It’s wonderful to get a good closer look at Master Raymond’s outfit, I love it so! How did you come up with the design on his westkit(?) I saw some obvious things but not all. Didn’t know they were using the Rx symbol for prescriptions or meds back that far. It’s lovely and mysterious!

  7. Rosemary

    WOW! I missed this one at last weekends visit to the Paley Center in LA. Did you reference any particular material of the Arcana for the design of Master Raymond’s frock. just love the humorus elements.

    I also missed the Dior inspired costume. I was surprised that the famous RED dress was in the window exposed to sunlight… will that damage the dress?
    Thank you for sharing these garments us a wonderful exhibit . Look forward to more from you on Season 3. Peace out

    1. W E

      I’m glad we’re not the only ones who missed those pieces. It makes me somewhat less suspicious that I somehow walked right by them.

      I was thinking the same thing about the placement of the Red Dress but hopefully the glass is the kind with UV filtering. It’s rather a good way to draw the eye and maybe bring in people to the exhibit who might not know about it. I liked this venue much more than last year’s. It was far easier to get a look at the details this time around and I think those lovely silks were shown to great effect at the Paley.

  8. The symbolism is wonderful! Love the male and female symbols and the cross. This piece gives off a Modern Graffiti feel to me! Love it!.

  9. SarahLepesqueur

    This website is making me wanna cry. I’m from Brazil and i want to be a costume designer, which is a very hard task in a country that doesn’t appreciate arts in general. I always loved historical and design fiction costume design. And to see how did you put together all this costumes is amazing for me, i´m definitely gonna read as much as i can, i LOVE outlander and to be able to be inside of one of the parts i love the most. OMG THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWSAME. IF YOU EVER NEED A HALPING ENTHUSIASTIC VOLUNTEER I CAN GET TO LA/SCOTLAND/PRAGUE (<3 praguen dont know Scotland and LA) IN 3 DAYS !

  10. jess.crapes

    This piece was one of my favorites from Season 2. I’m so glad you created this site to let us appreciate the details and the hard work behind each one. It seems despite not getting close ups in the episodes, you do get a sense for the careful craftsmanship and thoughtful designs. But so much better to have detailed views!

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