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Dashing Dougal…The Gathering


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14 thoughts on “Dashing Dougal…The Gathering

  1. AvatarDeborah

    The detail is absolutely beautiful; love the plaid being wrinkled, raw edges. Thank you for sharing the costumes and close up of embroidery is wonderful. Warmly, Deborah

    1. sanshaw2sanshaw2

      I love the look of the plaid with the formal coat, too, Deborah. The way these Highlanders are wearing their plaids is just WONDERFUL! They all seem to have such a proud swagger dressed in their plaids.

  2. AvatarCocolaluz

    I love the way the tartan is draped over the jacket. There is a very interesting work here as the tartans are arranged differently on every costume. This one is particularly sophisticated. Did you designed this kind of setting, Terry, or was it just a last minute decision ?

  3. AvatarCatullus_1000

    Seeing these costumes up close adds so much to the overall experience. When I rewatch the episodes, I can “see” the details more clearly after reading your blog. I wonder if you chose the silver accents to play off Graham’s regal beard and intense eyes? His costume truly completes his impossing personality.

  4. Avatarsireesanwar

    I have always loved period costumes but haven’t been a fan of a costume designer until you. You really are brilliant at your work (as is your team).

    Also, this is a gorgeous costume but it is much finer on the man. LOL

  5. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    Now you’ve gone and done it – I have to watch Episode 104 AGAIN to observe all these costume details for Dougal (and Geillis and Leticia and Colum) in view now that I’ve been poring over these wonderful photos. What I first thought were sparkly buttons on Dougal’s frock coat (if that’s what it is) are actually more like sparkly brooches, which I would supposed were meant to impress clan members with the wealth and position of the Laird and his War Chieftain. I hadn’t realized that aspect until reading your blog posts and studying the photos.

    THANK YOU! You are amazing. Your creations are amazing, and I thank God for giving the world _you_.

  6. AvatarGeorgeannaT

    I, too, find the draping of the tartan masculine and elegant at the same time rough…such a good balancing of textures and fabrics. I’m wondering as I look at the tartan if that is the same one Dougal would make his kilt from. In other words, when not wearing your kilt would you take it and drape it in this way?

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