Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Cuilean’s missing bone…


Everyone has been patiently waiting.

2014-05-12 16.08.16

2014-05-12 17.29.36


2014-05-17 17.35.56

10 thoughts on “Cuilean’s missing bone…

  1. KnitzyBlondeKnitzyBlonde

    Terry, what a brilliant personal touch to add to the wedding dress! I just absolutely adore that it’s Cuilean bone. It’s fitting that your sweet little wee man gets his place in Outlander history. 🙂 And loving embroidery as much as I do, I am just drooling over this close-up. I’ve been doing hand embroider as long as I have been kitting (over 45 years) and it is just one of my most favorite things to do. Whoever did this handwork on the wedding dress is truly an artist! Incredibly well done. Thanks so much for your continued sharing with us. Get some sleep, eat a few wonderful meals, and take good care of yourself! ~ Sandie/KnitzyBlonde

  2. AvatarSpitfire27

    The detail in the costumes is beautiful and I love the finish on them. I assume that, because of the number of costumes to be made, most of the work is done on machines but when I look at the costumes in photos they look like they’ve been sewn by hand, as they would have been in the 18th century. The work of your team is amazing.

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