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Costume Podcast Episode One.




Okay, so I have recorded the first Outlander Costume podcast. Weird not having Ron there, I wasn’t prepared for so much time to talk about the costumes. I think I will get better at it, as I learn to pace the info as I go. There is actually room for a lot more discussion than I think I did in my first one.

So bear with me.

It has been sent off to Starz, and will be hosted by them. Not sure exactly when. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Costume Podcast Episode One.

  1. Avatarjoanapolis

    I can’t wait Terry, I loved you on the Podcasts with Ron and really missed you when you weren’t there! Will the kitties be making themselves known as well in yours? lol Please send us a list of prereq’s like if we should be consuming alcohol along with you as we listen to the podcast. ha ha

  2. AvatarMac37E

    Can’t wait…. Loved the other podcasts. Thank you both so much for all you do for us. We are the luckiest fans ever but knowing them as I do we are also hopefully the best fans ever

  3. Avatar

    I’m new to the blog, so can someone explain how you access the podcasts? Very excited to experience them! Thanks!

  4. Avatarellenchristine

    Superlative news! congratulations on finding a way to create a 25 hour day. You are single-handedly pushing costumery up from that bottom rung on the ladder. Here’s to a bigger budget! More exposure! Emmys! Thank you for bringing this to the public forum, and I so look forward to hearing this series.

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      I suppose that is actually part of my goal in doing all of this. It saddens me greatly to see how costumes and those who make them, are so undervalued in this business. At least in the process of making whatever goes on screens. Once it is about to be released, then the costume department is media gold, but that is not reflected in the process of making them, or what anyone is paid. It is shocking, but Hollywood has a very thick glass ceiling, and costume departments are generally made up of women and gay men, in an industry run and populated by white men.
      I see positive movement, mainly due to some hard work by prominent costume designers, and to the Costume Designers Guild.

    2. Avatarmageee

      SHE must have done just that — anticipating industry awards for Outlander, from Terry all the way up the ladder! Hopefully Paris designs will not require quite as much research, though the textiles will, I’m sure…..Terry does amazing things with her talent!

  5. Avatar18centlady

    I’m so excited Terry! I’ve just started following and figured out how to post a comment (finally)! I can’t wait to hear more about your lovely designs!

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