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Congratulations to my brilliant and talented husband on his Golden Globe nomination. So deserved.

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  1. Cynthia Crane

    I am so excited about this I cannot even get any work done this morning! I don’t think any of us are surprised by this, we ALL knew in our hearts of hearts that the recognition would come sooner or later. So glad it was sooner! Congratulations to the entire OL team!

  2. rphelan

    Congratulations Ron and the entire Outlander family. I am delighted by Outlander’s nominations for Golden Globe awards. What surprises me, though, is that Sam was not nominated for best actor even though Outlander, Tobias Menzies and Catriona Balfe received nominations for best drama, best supporting actor and best actress. Did I miss something???

    1. pegeng

      RIGHT!! Don’t want to seem greedy – but – really, Sam did not get a nod?? I am SO happy that our team is getting noticed, at last. Wish there were a category for our costumers, no??

  3. jerseygirl52

    You are right to be proud. Ron not only has produced another successful show, but has given so much respect to the fans in how beautifully he has brought it together. Congratulations Outlander!

  4. sireesanwar

    If only the Outlander fans could vote. He’d definitely be the winner!

    I’m excited for your hubby too and will be sharing this wonderful news with all the fans who will listen. LOL

  5. gigi

    How exciting for you and Ron and your whole team. What an extraordinary job you’ve all done on making Outlander come alive.
    I miss you being here in Pasadena and wish we could share a cup of coffee and a chat like the old days.
    Carol Boteilho

  6. tphstables


    Fabulous! Finally this well deserved nomination!

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’ll be followed by winning the award as a recognition of his and the whole OUTLANDER crew’s and cast’s outstanding work!

  7. ljedwards

    Congrats to Ron and all those involved (including you Terry) for bringing DG’s books to life for us. A Feast for the eyes from writing, filming, cast, locations and costumes

  8. janschurr

    So thrilled for the whole team! Truly a group effort. Having seen so many good books ruined in their TV/movie adaptations, I was worried that my favorite book would suffer the same fate – until I learned Ron Moore was the show runner! BSG remains my all-time favorite show and I knew Outlander was in good hands. What I didn’t know was that I would “meet” the costume designer and learn so much about how costumes affect the overall atmosphere of the show! Thank you for all that you’ve shared – you, your department and all other parts of the crew/staff/cast/etc. deserve to win and I will have my fingers crossed! (And it would be lovely to see you at the awards!!)

  9. peggyvanslp

    Congratulations to a great show runner and team player who has the vision that’s bringing Outlander to life. The “Imagine Greater” motto next to Ron’s head in this pic says it all. Many thanks!!!

  10. delft727

    Truer words were never spoken! Brilliant, talented, committed, resilient…a master in his field. You are proud and well you should be. We are proud as well…and proud of every authentic and exquisite image you bring to the screen, Terry. A dynamic couple…a la Jamie and Claire. You both are winners in every sense of the word!

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