Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Comte St. Germaine



This is one Costume I really wish we had seen more of, as it was the Costume that gave us an introduction into the new world that Jamie and Claire were entering. This was worn by St. Germaine in Le Havre. Elegant and dangerous.

It was also important to present a new idea of what masculine clothing was in the 18th century.

IMG_5386 (1) I believe these were the first embroidered buttons we made.


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2 thoughts on “Comte St. Germaine

  1. ehrgott13

    Cannot tell you how much I love all the costumes- wait a minute, that doesn’t express exactly what I mean……..the costumes are extraordinary. For me, the costumes and the music are such a major part of Outlander. I do notice every detail- every sleeve, every bit of lace, all the embroidery (ridiculously beautiful), the minute tucks, the beautiful ribbons and other embellishments. Thank you to all that work so very hard to create such beauty for all of us to enjoy.

  2. I love orange and red together! And I like the consistency of details like the coat cuffs throughout other male costumes. No detail left undone!

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