Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer





Colum’s banyan. We quilted linen and lined it with fur. I was really invested in this costume. I wanted Colum to have a garment he would wear in his private quarters. A garment that was designed by Colum to give as much comfort as possible. Since he is in constant pain, it seemed as if his nerves would be very sensitive, and to surround himself in very soft fur would reduce the discomfort. The same with the fur throw he keeps over his legs. I made it in a natural colored linen so that it would be reminiscent of a hospital garment, very simple.


4 thoughts on “Colum

  1. Gràs Beathag (Mal) (@mostlyalurker)

    it’s _incredibly_ thoughtful as well as insightful your concept behind his costume/banyan. the idea of constant pain making his nerves sensitive. i read where you and gary talked about this extensively as important. i was blown away when i saw that because that’s _exactly_ true (for me, anyway) with both a nerve pain condition (thankfully well managed at the moment) and some hypersensitivity/overstimulation issues stemming from a mild tbi (traumatic brain injury). there are days where i just about can’t stand to have anything touching me/my skin, period, much less anything scratchy/coarse/prickly. i seek natural fibers, things that are soft and either light & cool or snuggly warm.

    anyway, just wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness for this character and sharing your insight/thoughts about it with us. these kinds of invisible things are often overlooked by folk, yk?

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