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Claire’s Other Negligee


I just love this one. The original idea was that Claire was just going to let the negligee slide to the floor in one movement. As most women know, that is easier said (written), then done. SHE DID WEAR IT, but it didn’t fall to the floor.

So I designed this, which with one pull on the ribbon could slide off because it is cut wider due to the back cape.

Of course we never did it. But I think the gown is glorious, thanks to my amazing cutter, making team and incredible dyeing team who achieved the perfect shade of rosy blush.


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16 thoughts on “Claire’s Other Negligee

  1. Avatarannalapping

    The lace is fantastic, as well as the design/cut. Cait is so beautiful in it…what a shame we’ll never see it. File this idea away for “personal” use maybe? Beautiful work, Terry

  2. AvatarChristinePincince

    So I am guessing that this glorious perfectly Clare adornment is now residing is lovely Cait’s home closet …I can’t imagine anyone having the heart to ask her to give it up

  3. BrookeBrooke

    This neckline is so exquisite. Love how the styling of the tie and the loose back harkens to the 18th c. sacque-back gowns…..I see what you did there. And that color couldn’t be more flattering. I can’t remember who said it, Gio Armani I think, said that most people think black is the most flattering color on women. It is not, pink is.

  4. Avatarmaureenanne

    Reminds me of when I was a little girl and I found my mom’s honeymoon negligees (carefully packed away in tissue paper). There was one that had a blush tone but nothing like the lace on Terry’s gown. Vintage and exquisite! Would love to see pattern if possible? That back cape is so regal. TM must have been in heaven.

  5. Avatarclaireokc

    What I immediately noticed was the delicate beautiful hand stitching on the sleeves….the time it takes to add such detail…..well, that and that gorgeous collar – looks like the lace was originally in thin strips then pieced – another incredible detail.

  6. Avatar

    Terry, simply stunning! I love the detail at the arm opening. The intimacy in the shaving scene is one I’ll never forget.

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