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Claire’s Blue Coat




Adding some research pictures I used designing the coat.


32 thoughts on “Claire’s Blue Coat

  1. Holly Woodland (@Holly_Woodland4)

    The swing of this coat was just lovely. The shoulder pads perfect for late ’45. Love the twin back belt and front belt closure. The desaturation of color in the 1945 sequence doesn’t show off this coat’s brilliant blue color in the best light, except perhaps as she’s standing outside the shop window looking at the vases.

    On another note, eagerly looking forward to Ron’s writer/producer commentary on twitter tonight. Have you thought about doing the same vis a vis the costumes?

  2. starfish529

    I agree. All of the costumes definitely have their own screen presence in the show. (Absolutely fabulous job, Terry.) But Claire’s coat is something I covet for myself!

  3. Janice Schurr

    I am requesting that you join the podcast – I remember them from BSG! I would love to hear your insight on how the costuming informs the character, or vice versa. I would also love to have a vintage pattern for this coat…it reminds me of one my Mom had; it was quite old and she used to let us use it for dress-up play.

  4. Brenda Cunningham (@PunkiBrenda)

    This coat was one of the first things we saw that was quick to become wanted by many of us. To design this in the manner you did is very true to the era….beautiful color cut and just fit Our Claire..So as I tweeted out Its the coat I would love to go with the white dress I want when not wearing the riding jacket I must have….You Terry have designed the PERFECT clothing for this show so blown away by it all enough that Ive watched episode ? times and last night watched premier and watched again right after yes Im a fan….

  5. April Penninger Duritza

    I thought I should mention that the reason I am reading this post is because I was Googling “Claire Randall Blue Coat”. This is not a casual interest! I specifically wanted to find out about that amazing design! Thanks for sharing your inspiration behind it!

  6. Terri Knight Steiert

    I positively love this coat. It was one of the first pieces of clothing I saw and instantly wanted. Of course, I wanted to know if you designed it, or it was purchased. I shouldn’t have even entertained the thought that it was purchased or found somewhere, of course you designed it. All my friends that have seen the first episode have coveted this coat!

  7. Audrey (@LadyRaven15)

    After watching the first episode and after the initial hyperventilating, I sat back and really looked at all the details… and wow!

    One thing. I know from past interviews/tweets that the color palette from the 1700s was taken from the surroundings. We haven’t seen the more lavish costumes of that century yet, so I won’t compare, but I guess my question is, what guided you to choose that color for her coat?

  8. Kelly Sonnanstine

    Of course this is a designed coat and there is no possible way of every getting one for myself. After living in South Florida for over 30 years before moving to a coat climate, I have been searching for the perfect coat. And then there it is on Outlander. My quest will have to continue although I doubt if anything will live up to this bar you have set.

  9. mvanalstine

    Yes, I want a coat like this!!! If enough of us request, do you think you could find a manufacturer to make it? The blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love the 40s fashions. Do you know the Gene dolls by Robert Tonner? I bought several of those because of the costumes:)

  10. Jennifer Jackson

    This blue coat is one of my favorite costume pieces from the 1945 era. I swear you could manufacture it and it would be more popular than anything worn this winter. I look forward to each episode to see the story unfold… the costumes appear. It’s such fun to see you work your magic. Kudos to you and the entire team.

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