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19 thoughts on “Claire Scotland

  1. AvatarJJSmith

    This is an incredible inspiration board you’ve amassed. Thank you so much for sharing this and all you share with us. I’ve developed a true appreciation for costume design and don’t look at any show the same way since reading your blog. It’s been very cool learning about the real behind-the-scenes of costume design – the true beauty, preciseness, detail, volume, dedication, and madness of it all. I realize you have no obligation whatsoever to do write this blog for us fans, which is another reason why I appreciate it all the more.

    I was wondering if you could share the name of the painting and artist for picture #6 (the woman kneeling before the chest)? It is amazing.

    Thanks Terry!

    1. AvatarCynthia Crane

      I hope you and Terry don’t mind my butting in, but I believe that’s Waterhouse. (John William Waterhouse?) I’ve always loved his work, especially (I think) “Ophelia”. You’ve probably seen that one, its pretty famous.

      1. AvatarJJSmith

        Cynthia, I don’t mind at all! And of course it’s Waterhouse! That completely explains why I am drawn to it. I recall seeing his work in the Tate Gallery in London 20+ years ago. I left with a print of the haunting The Lady of Shallot. Thank you for sharing the info :).

  2. MedusaZMedusaZ

    I love the whole earthy palate you’ve associated with Claire. WOW! those surgical instruments! I so want that medicine box. Myfavorite of all is the Picture of the Lady of Shalott.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration board.

  3. AvatarJJSmith

    Question for Terry (and anyone else who would like to chime in) – This season in America there is a HUGE presence of plaid in all the shops. I’ve noticed quite a few earasaids, belted just the way you belted Claire’s. I’m wondering if perhaps it is Outlander that inspired this trend in fashion? Curious as to your thoughts.

      1. AvatarJood

        a happy coincidence then?….There’s something about the mood of the Western world with all it’s uncertainties and violence….I believe we are looking to our roots to try and find some answers. Add that to the rise of nationalistic groups – I include the SNP (Scottish National Party). Checks /Tartans/ Plaids come around in ‘fashion’ regularly….here in Uk the last big Revival was 1970’s…and where are we looking for inspiration here now? Oh and by the way….all checks are much more flattering to a woman’s figure cut on the bias…..
        I join in the thanks for your thoughtful and inciteful posts Terry!

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