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Claire in Paris


A picture come out today of Claire’s costume for Season 2. Since it is out there, I can share my own.

We dyed a beautiful silk/wool blend this gorgeous saffron color, and the amazing Helen, our talented textile artist, hand painted the ivory silk. One of my favorites!



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66 thoughts on “Claire in Paris

    1. annalapping

      Stunning work, Terry. I can only imagine the hand of that silk/wool fabric! Helen’s painted silk is remarkably beautiful. Can you imagine trying to buy something like that in today’s world? The cost would be astronomical! I’m constantly amazed at the work you and your staff do on a regular basis.

      1. JaimesGrannie

        I agree! TERRY DRESBACH and her staff are just totally amazing in their work on Outlander! The costumes from Season 1 were incredible and now for Season 2, the costuming will just be stunning! The marterials and fabrics are just eyecatching! Like was said earlier by Ron D Moore, the fabrics were made to make you look like a peacock!! Stunning! Takes your breath away’
        Mrs. Dresbach, your talent and eye for material and design just is so amazing! You have my admiration, respect and I honor your talent & that of your staff! Thank you for making Outlander just an outstanding series! Congrats!!!

  1. woolfarmgal

    Well…..just breathtaking!…..as I am sure the corset must be…..but who cares, right? For such a lovely dress. ….it screams Paris.

  2. ChristinePincince

    wow as usual u r most amazing…

    I am in Glascow today for a few days because of you and your work and my beloved Outlander..it is my 70th birthday present from my family ..i will be here a little then go to the highlands to see if i can spot a couple of the locations that were shot there. I had intended to just walk up to the studio and knock on the door to see if i would be let in. But having had experience in the business really knew that would not be appropriate so i do not intend to do that. Just wanted you to know how very much you and your husbands grand work has enchanted me and so many others. someday I have high hopes of meeting you in person for a brief moment…thank you for all you do for so many and not just your job but in your life…

  3. myjobeautiful

    This is absolutely stunning Terry! My jaw hit the floor…do you perchance design mother of the bride dresses
    Seriously though it’s a piece of art xx

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  6. mwdesigns2014

    Oh, the hand painted silk… oh the wool that gives this silk a beautiful weight… oh the smooth double rolled hem on the sleeve… oh the delicate charcoal colored edge trim acting as the perfect frame for this masterpiece!!! C’EST TRES BEAU!!!! Interesting to note how this color combination is quite popular in current interior design fashions.

    1. Yes, I agree! Great colorway! The saffron color just illuminates the entire piece and the hand painting…….OMG!

  7. nessamcd

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Thank you and your entire team for your exquisite attention to the details and for the, obvious, loving care that goes into every creation for this show. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. JanieG

    Cait is one lucky lady to have the opportunity to wear these amazing costumes you and your staff have designed for her character. Just beautiful.

  9. marthatrulock

    I know how things like to be kept under wraps for S2, but this is one Outlander fan who is very grateful to be seeing this gorgeous dress. Only thing that would make it better would be to see the face that is wearing it.
    I think you and Helen and the sewist/designers are just amazing. So much talent. It is clear that you all love what you do. And I for one thank you for doing it.
    Here’s to seeing more of your work to help us all survive WITHOUTlander.
    Martha x

  10. Purl99

    I have anticipated this season since the inception of season #! for the specific reason…costuming. I cannot wait to see your posts about certain costumes and watching them on screen.
    I am sure without any doubt they will be worth the wait and breath taking!

  11. Mistahbue

    This is outstanding — and that doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am so looking forward to DIA for so many reasons! Honestly I can say this is the ONLY series I geek out over the costuming – Bravo!!! Thank you to your and all of your team!!

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  14. jacque1211

    Terry you and your team are Amazing artists! This gown is exquisite, beautiful, magnificent!!! Such talent! The love for what you do speaks for itself

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  16. The silky, delicate drape of the sleeve layers combined with the substantial, yet so so soft hand dyed wool silk saffron is enough to make me excited. Add to that the hand painted silk and I just can’t wait to see this dress move! I bet Cait knows what a lucky duck she is!

  17. Dede Taylor

    well that is just breathtaking. I can’t wait to see all the court dresses … this season is going to be gorgeous just from a costuming point of view .. Can’t wait!!!

  18. peggyvanslp

    Magnifique! The wavy contour of the sleeves is so very romantic. The beautiful painted silk by Helen is wonderful, with just the right tone of colour. How ever you constructed the supporting undergarment (farthingale?), it looks very flattering here and in the leaked/online pictures. Thank you for all you and your very talented team do to dress the characters we all love.

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  20. catmom

    Oh my gosh…….Caitriona is one fortunate woman! What a gorgeous dress, absolutely breathtaking!!! Looking at that, you feel like you just stepped back in time. You and your staff are to be applauded Terry for your consistent, superior work. I so hope a much deserved Emmy comes your way, the costumes are just fantastic!!!

  21. Shawn L. Bird

    The hand painted silk has me captivated. What does she use so the paint doesn’t bleed? Even with textile medium I get bleed.

    Amazing work. I would so love to be part of this team if I didn’t have a ‘real job’ and grad school commitments.

    All these pieces do get my creative juices brewing. Someday when I have time again, I’m going to explode with wearable textile art thanks to you! (My knit shrug and wrap collection has already expanded dramatically due to your inspiration). 🙂

    1. peggyvanslp

      @HelenGallogy should have an answer for that! Her painting on fabric has contributed to the beauty of this dress and the ministrel’s vest from S1. Lovely!

  22. Katiscotch22

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said, you and your talented team have done it again. This is absolutely stunning – hand painted silk…….fabulous. I can’t wait to see them all. Caught a glance of Sam all decked out – fabulous too 😀

  23. jbwebb

    I am impressed that you dyed the silk/wool. I wonder what color it is to begin with. And then, how do you get it so even and perfect? I’m thinking of all the disasters that happen with the good old fashioned RIT dye!! Just gorgeous – the hand painting is to die for!

  24. Roknrow

    Wonderful combinations of colors Terry – what a fabulous look on the hand painted silk! -Did you use current commercial dyes or more traditional natural ones for the saffron color? Also, are you pinning the overdress to the stomacher or have you found an easier technique?

  25. lesliesusanne

    Every detail – the dark frame between saffron and hand-painted silk, the flow of the double ruffle sleeves, topped with tuliped saffron – you can tell how delighted we all are that you have shared this with us so early! The French fashions will be in such stark relief in comparison to the Scottish in regards to fabric and sway. Thank you, thank you for this enticement!

  26. fleetinglogic

    So wonderful to be able to appreciate the beauty and details. Thank you. I was thinking it would be great to have an Outlander runway show. This is couture on a whole other level. It could be a whole morning or afternoon or day (!) of shows. Shows for the fashions of the 40s, for the knits, for tartans, for the menswear, for the gowns, everyday wear, undergarments (highlighted by Claire’s wedding undergarments with that stunning bodice). Terry would have a better idea for the divisions of shows, of course, but wouldn’t it be fun?!

  27. Pamela

    I am looking forward to the stunning costumes for season 2. I can only imagine how aristocratic dress will be like. I love how the hem of the sleeves look very soft and delicate. I also like the black trim.

  28. Jen in Oz

    will there be a travelling exhibition of the costumes at some point? (A la the Downton Abbey exhibition I keep reading about, or the V&A Golden Age of Couture that I was lucky enough to see a few years ago)

  29. saraelizabeth

    Oh my…I am in AWE. I have loved “weird” colours as long as I can remember. Murky green, saffron and chartreuse….basically anything that could be portrayed as an “unflattering” colour is somewhere in my collection of stuff. Whether it is an eyeshadow, a shirt, a dress or shoes. I cannot escape from my love of awkward colour

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