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Claire S2 Moodboards


These are the images I gathered for Claire inspiration. Mostly mid to late 40s, but a couple drift in the early 50s. Images for inspiration, not meant to be taken literally.


Claire Moodboard



Claire moodboard 2



Claire Moodboard 3

Claire Moodboards 5





rene gruau blue outfit


19 thoughts on “Claire S2 Moodboards

  1. SolitaireSolitaire

    I love this post so much – it reminds me of all the examples our instructor would put up for our fashion illustration course. I think I should get my Bar Suit Barbie out and redo her skirt and give her a new hat. 😉

  2. Avatarnimo

    So nice! I remember my grandmother zipping herself into her full body girdle to get into the shirtwaist pencil skirt dress…what a sight! She wouldn’t have been caught dead in slacks!

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  5. Avatarbwenbrant

    I love the clean lines and silhouettes of the designers from the 40’s and 50’s . You can the influence of another era in the designs especially in the evening wear. What you have done with Claire’s clothing is truly an outstanding endeavour to meld who she was with who she is. The costumes overall tell a story in and of themselves and make you feel the nuances and subtleties of the actors performance from just a movement of a skirt or a straightening of a waistcoat.

  6. AvatarColor every day

    Your designs bring so much to Claire’s personality. Caitriona has taken your work & truly embodies Claire. Thank you for bringing DG’s world to visual life and thank you for sharing your process. Takes me back to design school days!

  7. Avatarmelaniedresbachwarman

    What an elegant period of style. This look filtered down into the fashions of the 1950’s and my earliest memories, I remember thinking that my mother and my aunt (mom’s sister) looked like movie stars when they dressed up. We were working families of modest means, but having “dress up” clothes, at least one “good” outfit or for men, one good suit was a necessity. The wasp-waist looks absolutely kill me. I could not have worn them, even with a corset and a winder to tighten the stays. But the cartwheel hats and gloves, with the simple lines and solid colors just look timeless. And you proved it with Claire’s costumes in 202. Gorgeous and it brought back some fond memories.

  8. Avatarcarolinawe

    These are lovely. Is Claire going to be so fancy when she’s back in the late 40’s?
    She didn’t seem to be very fashionable in the present in Season 1.

  9. AvatarSophie Slim

    Absolutely stunning! How beautiful are the late 40’s! I had no idea! Claire always looks so elegant (Or is that Caits beauty coming through?), these clean lines of the 40’s show off her beauty perfectly. I can’t remember what episode, but in a few on them she has the white fabric that goes around her next and tucks into the front of her dress in a criss cross – it looks like a big collar? It’s perfect. Perfectly 1740’s and perfectly 1940’s. You nailed it!

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