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Claire – Gathering Sketch



Claire Gathering

18 thoughts on “Claire – Gathering Sketch

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      Sourced. The Gathering was all made right after we finished all the principal costumes in November. You can see the date of the sketch was November 10th.
      We built sooooooo many costumes between the middle of November and middle of December. It was INSANE. There was no time for that kind of in house embroidery.

  1. AvatarPeg Blumka Alexander

    Thank you for the tartan swatch! I have been getting photos of the many McKenzie tartans and none of them so detailed as this one.
    Thank you so much…

    Can you do the same for Frasier?? I was dilligent about watching the episode to see how they differ (remembering that in the book, he had his own tartan on and the McKenzie men re-dressed him)

    Pretty Pretty Please?? So many lovely plaids

  2. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    I gasped when I saw Caitriona’s gown; stunning. One of my favorite details was the ribbon she wore around her throat. Love the small, neat bow, and how the ends trail down in back. Did it by chance match the fabric on her stomacher/skirt? I paused it to see, and I thought I saw the same pattern, but wasn’t sure. I can just see Mrs. Fits getting Claire dressed, and adding that ribbon as a special touch. That would be like Mrs. Fitz to do something like that!

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  4. kmcherrettkmcherrett

    The gown Claire wore to the Gathering is stunning. Beautiful embroidery work and it matched so well with the tartan. The ribbon’s around Cait’s neck suit her so well. Can’t tell you how I envy Cait wearing all your wonderful designs.


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