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Claire and Jamie Wedding




















12 thoughts on “Claire and Jamie Wedding

  1. AvatarRhondaKDan

    Absolutely beautiful! There are going to be many who try to replicate this wedding, but I don’t know that it will ever be as lovely as what you’ve created. By the way, love the sweet tribute Ron included for you!

  2. Avatarmaggiejmasen

    You have an amazing talent and your creations and designs are awe inspiring! It would be so exciting to see a whole entire line of “Outlander” clothing line with the colors and fabrics inspired from the show!

  3. Avatarmque

    You’re making me cry with this song! So beautiful. I can totally see this from Jamie’s perspective to Claire especially after reading The Exile which is from his point of view. Thanks, Terry!

  4. AvatarOutlanderUruguay

    Everything was absolutely gorgeous!! And knowing all the amazing amount of creativity and hard work involved in the process, I can only congratulate you all so much!!

  5. Avatargingerpye

    I would love to see a detailed post on how jamies great kilt goes on., especially how its draped for the wedding, I’m having a hard time figuring it out, and am trying to work out a costume for my husband

  6. Avatarmainegirl

    The costuming for this episode was simply breathtaking!

    I’m sorry if this question isn’t about costumes, but could you please tell us the name of the actor who plays the priest for the wedding? I’ve done due diligence to search the interwebs but cannot seem to find his name.

    Thanks in advance, and I am such a huge fan of both the show and the AMAZING work on the costumes!!

  7. AvatarMichele

    I just love that, if I weren’t watching the series and I just happened upon the photo of Sam in costume with his hand on his sword, I would know that is Jamie Fraser.

  8. Avatarsandyknc

    I have a question about the wedding cloak. I noticed it was tartan on the inside. Was it any particular tartan? It was a pretty quick glimpse, but I thought I saw some red. Was it the same as Jamie’s?

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