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Claire and Frank wedding



We really wanted to indicate the war years, before and after. Claire and Frank are getting married just as the war is breaking out, and while there is still optimism in the air, it is a more somber time. Ron wanted the clothes to be very faded as in an old photo, so we used tones of grey and brown. But Claire is in love, and it shows up in her jaunty little hat, tipped over one eye. We wanted her suit to carry through some of the deco lines of the 30s, but showing the direction of women’s fashions to come during the war years. It is a very tailored, masculine style, nothing frilly or frivolous.
This suits Claire’s character very well, and tells us a lot about who she is. She is a strong and savvy young woman, filled with optimism.
The later scenes with Frank, these are the stolen moments in the midst of war, and the peachy blush color of the peignoir coveys the romance they are trying to hold onto in spite of the war that surrounds them.


10 thoughts on “Claire and Frank wedding

  1. AvatarMolly

    The wedding suit was darling! And all the more interesting because she only thought she was dressing to meet his parents…so she took great care to look like a suitable wife for their son. It was such a sweet flashback. And is there any story about how Caitriona did that cute skid into the registrar’s office? Planned or just really a slick bit of stone?

  2. AvatarDebbie Dake

    So interesting hearing some of your thoughts that helped make these decisions! The process is very cool indeed. And so were Claire’s 20th century clothes.

    I had a great-aunt named Barbara who, when I knew her, was a big, loud, fun-loving woman. She had no children of her own. I was able to help her stay in her home when she was dying of breast cancer at the age of 89 (although she lied to her doctors by almost 20 years!!). She had been a hoarder and it took us a long time to clean out her house after her passing. We found some beautiful dresses that she had had made for her, my guess sometime during the 40’s or 50’s. They have just beautiful and I treasure them. Also found a Persian wool coat with a fur collar. The sleeves are very short which makes me think it must have been worn with long gloves. Anyway, it helped me to see her in a different way, as a young and stylish woman who cared about how she looked. I like to think of her that way. She had been very good to me and my family when we were struggling.

    ~ Debbie

  3. Avatarlattemama

    I loved that skid too. I think it showed more than anything her spirited nature.

    Another departure from the book, but not a bad one at all. I can absolutely understand not every detail from the book can be translated to screen. I’m happy about the ones that are.

    1. AvatarMandy Tidwell


      Are you talking the 1940’s hat? I think they are tiny feathers, but I thought they were acorns at first too. Hopefully Terry will tell us for sure!


  4. AvatarMimiK

    The wedding suite and your mood board I had seen from the ’40s so reminded me of photos I’ve seen of my mother and her sisters from that time. Really nostalgic! And, I have to say I felt a start during felt one scene in the first episode, when Claire is in her peignoir- it looked exactly like the one I had for my wedding trousseau! I was so excited to see it! You may not even read this, I realize, but I just had to get it said, now I have the opportunity.

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