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Claire, a recap


And look, at the bottom, a fichu!!!!

22 thoughts on “Claire, a recap

  1. AvatarJo Ann

    I just watched the Emmys last Sunday night and I can’t recall whether or not they have an award for Best Costumes. If they do, you should definitely be nominated (and win) for your stunning Outlander designs. I fully expect Outlander to garner a slew of nominations next year in every conceivable category. Look out, HBO…there’s a new kid in town.

  2. AvatarSue R. (@sooroux)

    Love the fichu! Such a classic look. If there’s not an Emmy with your name on it next year…well, I just can’t imagine that. Also drooling over your new header photo. I’m a sucker for old keys. Have a small collection of “skeleton” keys from past houses. Are those from your current Scottish abode?

  3. AvatarGràs Beathag (Mal) (@mostlyalurker)

    love, Love, LOVE the fichu!!! best neckline look for cait/claire yet! i seem to remember you saying something somewhere about you wanting to cover her chest up but the studio/starz wanting her necklines low/exposing (which made no sense to you). when i saw this last weekend, i cheered! it looks _just right_!

    i’m also loving the mink cowl and all the mrs fitz’s knit bits! am planning at least two pair of mitts — one for me and one for a christmas present.

    very much looking forward to tomorrow (saturday) night and what you have cooked up for us ;-D

  4. Avatarmacandgigi

    I am so impressed by the costumes! Every detail is brilliant, on everyone! The knitwear us amazing. I am so inspired to get back to my needles and hooks. Congratulations on such beautiful costume designing!
    Best Always.

  5. AvatarTheresa W. (@Desdrata)

    Terry, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog posts. I’ve been sharing them with my aunts/cousins/mom in our weekly ‘Outlander’ thread, and we’re all learning so much about costume design and 18th century fashion.

    I hope you continue to post for every season of ‘Outlander’ – may there be many more!

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