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Claire – 18th Century surgery


Claire - Surgery

9 thoughts on “Claire – 18th Century surgery

  1. jschurr

    Oh, I think we will be seeing this design tonight! (Ep.103). Is this a wrap bodice, or wrapped stays? How would it fasten? I visited Jamestown last year and was amazed at the set of hook-and-eye fasteners they had found, dating from the early 1600″s – looked exactly like modern ones!

  2. Brigette LaBar

    Terry, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the costumes. Yay to you for ‘splaining to folks the difference between a cinematic costume designer and a costume antiquarian/museum director. You have my vote for next year’s emmy’s! My pals and I on Ravelry.com are discussing Claire’s dark brown cowl seen in both 102 and 103.. is it fur or knitted or both? Can you settle the dipute, please? Again thank you for your wonderful work.

  3. Betty Breier

    I loved Claire’s cowls from episode 3, particularly the dark gray one she wore in the garden when she was with Geillis. I think it was crocheted but I could not tell that for certain. I would love to see a close-up of the cowl and a description of the material. All the costumes are wonderful!

  4. Lynn Mittmann (@LynnMittmann)

    I have been wondering why I found Claire’s outfit so fitting that she wore ‘doing the physicking’ in ep 103 – and finally realised – the shape of the white wrap on the back is the reason 🙂
    For me the shape in the back seems remiscent of the way the WW II nurses wore the aprons as we could see in the first episode. If I’m reading into things, just tell me . . lol

    1. terrydresbach

      You are not. i wanted to find something Claire could have found in the 18th century, that would feel like something she could wear to practice medicine.
      She is trapped in Leoch and all she has is her medicine. Feels like she would be searching for anything that could give her comfort and familiarity, something that she could connect to from her past/future (? LOL).
      This seemed familiar.

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