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Change to the blog


We will be making a change tonight, and there will be a forum section added to the blog. There will be moderators. Respectful debate, or differences of opinion will be CELEBRATED, and welcomed.
Combative, aggressive or rude comments WILL BE DELETED, and if the negative behavior persists, posters will be blocked.

But I/we are very excited to add the forum. It should add a wonderful gathering place for fans (and anyone else, of the books or show), to gather.

You have to  register to join the forum, makes it a bit harder for trolls, but no obligation beyond that.

First stop…The Wedding.

40 thoughts on “Change to the blog

  1. jschurr

    Yay for you, your work and your sanity! I realize you’ve been around the business (and negativity, and vilification, etc.), but so glad you can take control this way. Love your work and all of your interaction with us!

  2. Laura Bullins Lough

    Sounds like the perfect solution. I have an interest in the history of costume (and hand knitting) and would love a place to talk about that in a way that is educational and informative. I think that we can have discussions about history and existing evidence and different theories and whatnot without it being a criticism of the Outlander costumes. In fact, one of the things that I think is great about Outlander is that it inspires people to wonder about the past and start asking questions. It just needs to be handled in a way that is less confrontational and insulting than in previous threads. We should be perfectly capable of having discussions (or even debates) about history without you, Terry, being attacked and your decisions questioned.

  3. MomSense (@MomSense_ME)

    I think it is very wise of you to add moderators and to require respectful conduct. I have never understood why some people like to go to websites just to be mean. My goodness but there is enough sadness in the world without adding more. Life is too precious to not try and be kind and positive.

    I had a perfectly fantastic day today going to a fair sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers. It was a beautiful day and I ate wonderful food, listened to great music, walked through the most beautiful gardens, saw some incredible exhibitions, and bought a ton of locally produced yarn and foods. Just the local honey was worth the trip!! My kids had a great time and now I am going to dream and plan all the new things I want to knit.

    You are an inspiring person, Terry. I’m enjoying learning about how you create and feeling emboldened to invent my own patterns.

  4. lazanita

    Love this blog Terry! I really enjoying your artistry, insights and commentary. I am also really appreciative of the time you take to share all of this with others. And your damn fine attitude too! I would really appreciate being able to read this blog without these tedious trolls. Provocateurs. Nothing more. I vote for blocking them. Now. Enough already.

  5. outlanderbooklover

    Some of the best parts of my day has been getting posts from the fans I hang out with on another forum, and your wonderful blog posts. Yep, I’ve actually sat in meetings and surreptitiously read your posts on my phone. Honestly, your posts saved some of the people I work with very dramatic eye rolls from me on the fact that they are behaving badly.

    So, thank you for your blog. I am looking forward to the forum.

    I do love your posts though. Lovely and thoughtful. I’ve felt very included in the Outlander TV show costuming with these posts. I hope we will still get to read the detailed and delicate pictures you’ve drawn with words.

  6. toomchtodu

    Congratulations to you and your entire team for such incredible costume designs. And the highly anticipated unveiling of the wedding dress has yet to take place. I fully anticipate you will be recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

  7. Scotlass

    I had been wondering about the seeming lack of underpants back in the 1740’s. Diana G. explained it in a forum that I watched today,. The women did not wear under drawers back then. Now I am wondering about what they did when they were in “that time of the month?” This is such a dumb thing to wonder about! I think it started with one of those Outlander questions about “how would you fare in the 18th century?” The lack of bathing would have done me in!!

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